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  1. Ahh that makes a lot of sense, especially the subnet analogy. This is great!!! You are so right and keep telling myself, once start using and see it first hand, it will make much more sense. Just tough to get to the point where I have enough clue to atleast have a chance to order the right stuff initially. I think I am going to go with * HC 4 arch kit (january sale) * get some type of wire to move the controller about 15' away with single runs from each pair of arches * on fence with livinglightshow arch base kit - kind of a hefty price for what you get I think * p
  2. If did one run to each pair, I can still control them separately correct? Would the pair show as one channel in my sequencer?
  3. For my arches, I would like to have 2 arches on either side of a small garden island I have in my yard and put the controller behind the garden out of sight. Looking at the HC kit, it says there is about 7' between the pair, which would not be enough by default. Do you know if would work (either based off of this kit or pixels in general) where I could have ~15' runs from each arch to the controller? I have also decided to build an e1.31 network (have IT background, so this just conceptually makes more sense in my head).
  4. And I can just Daisy chain multiple controllers the various props? They get cat5 between? What goes between end of light strip and controller (ie: use to running spt wire from each led string to a channel on Ac controller).
  5. One last question for now (I think). With the LOR pixel controllers, I can still get pixels anywhere right? Pretty sure of the answer, but just checking there isn't some integration between LOR pixel strips and controller. Thanks again!!!
  6. How is the holiday coro product quality? Also, would love to know how you made the candy canes, they are awesome!!!!!
  7. Not to hijack this thread, although seems Otto for his answer Someone actually pointed me to this thread as asked similar question in other forum. I currently have 16 channel LOR Ac controller. Plan to get another for more LEDs, but also want to add RGB hope arches and some other props next year. Use LOR software and everything runs from my laptop. So question is, how do I add the RGB with existing setup so can control/sequence all? Do I need to build e1.31 network, any advantage of doing so? How do pixel controller and Ac controllers all talk to my laptop, well vice ver
  8. So Ingot my first LOR 16 channel controller for this year and already thinking for next year. Plan to add RGB leaping arches and possibly RGB singing tree and pixel mini trees (plus sure more and more in years to come) Been doing my research and just haven't had my Ah Ha moment where this all makes sense. I am in IT, so sure cab figure out standalone pixel setup. Found bunch of diagrams, etc (e1.31 networks etc). One answer I can't find is how I incorporate my existing LEDs/LOR controller with new pixel props. Would really appreciate if anybody can point me in existing direction.
  9. Is it possible to shorten a 5mm led string? If so, can I also splice in additional sections (ie: different color bulbs for different sections)? Don't think the bulbs can be removed, so thinking splice in. Thanks.
  10. Not exactly related, but what singing faces decoration are you using for Halloween? 1st year with controller and would love to double duty it for Halloween as well.
  11. Bueller? Bueller? Anybody have by chance? Greatly appreciated!!
  12. Hi Roverdish,mind sending to pb1856@gmail.com? Thanks a ton!!
  13. Hi Riverside, really appreciate if could get a copy at pb1856@gmail.com. Thanks!!
  14. Great info. Yes, they are C7 clear night light bulb (candelabra base) and simple fuse cord. Good idea with smoke test as well.
  15. So I always put those cheap candles in my windows each year. Now this is my first year with LOR controller and want to put the candles onto the controller as well. Anybody know if those small cheap bulbs can handle it and are they typically dimmable? Thanks
  16. Not sure if I set up schedule right or not. Goal: all lights on 4:30-6pm / musical sequence show 6pm-9pm playing every half hour / all lights on 9pm-11pm Musical show is about 20 mins of sequences and added 30 min all light sequence filler to it at end. Thought I read that the next scheduled show would kickoff off on the half hour, cutting off the "all lights on" filler in each musical show. Does this sound right? Also, for initial 90 minute all lights on,can I use a 1 minute all lights on sequence somehow repeating with no breaks or do I need a 90 minute sequence?
  17. Hi everyone, So somehow seemed to have fixed it. Not sure exactly what I did, but now all channels seem to be working. Question and maybe how it was fixed. If I had sequences to a show and then update one of those sequences later, will that change auto update in the show? Not sure if show editor just uses a pointer to the sequences or somehow just saves a copy at time of show creation.
  18. In sequence editor, I can see on/off/fade actions etc. Is it possible that sequence editor has a config assigned to channels where if I select row/copy/paste within sequence it has duplicate ID's or something, so controller doesn't see a channel maybe? Just thinking...
  19. 16 channel controller, s4 software and basic license.
  20. I have a couple sequences and not all my channels are being played, but the channels not playing and different based on the sequence (so not a power or similar issue). I got free sequences and did the select row/copy/paste into a new sequence. I think I also did copy/paste a channel within the same sequence possibly. Could something I did here cause no action on a channel? Also verified in the sequence that actions are set on channel that isn't doing anything. First year with lor. Thanks for your help!!!!
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