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  1. Super excited to say that I have my first singing face up and singing as of this morning! I still have to build the second one, test it and then move them outside and figure out the sound thing. We have some old outdoor speakers that we may try to use this year to play the music on as I really don't want to do the whole FM broadcast thing this year if I don't have to. I am thrilled as I hit my goal of having the faces sing for Thanksgiving for my grandkids. I have a couple of songs I bought and will probably buy a couple more. I was hoping for five or so songs. Next step is to see if I c
  2. I would love to get the singing faces for this song as well! One of my very favorites! pmowr@aol.com
  3. Big joe, how do you ever get a hold of her? I tried over and over and never could reach a person or get a response. Is there a different number or a email address that is not listed on their website? Their prices were the best I could find.
  4. I think I read back it up 5000 times when going through these forums so that was the first thing I did was back it up to a thumb drive aling with each version I create so I can go back to any point! There were a few parts in the song I bought that were being done by the 3rd and 4th face that I was able to partly move to the two main faces. So yeah, it was mostly to play round and learn the program!
  5. Progress update so far! Received my first coro tree face in the mail. After looking at the 800 holes on it, I decided it WAS WAY more work than it was worth to recreate it myself so I ordered a second one! Got the lights for the two trees in the mail today! Need to go by Home Depot and pick up the wood to build the frames for the faces so I can start punching the lights into the Coro. From what I understand it is much easier if the Coro is framed first. Purchased a controller and the starter set package (software etc) and a ready made sequence off a website. Downloaded the
  6. Wow, nevermind! I received my lights today! I give them a C for Communication, but an A for fast shipping!
  7. Has anyone ordered from christmas-leds.com? I placed an order last week and other than receiving the initial email confirmation of the order, I haven't received any information other information on my order or information on when it should expect to ship. I have called numerous times and only get an answering machine. I have even tried using the contact form on their website, but nothing. I am just wondering from people who may have previously ordered from them if their experience was similiar and if they eventually received their lights? I checked the BBB and no complaints, rated A+, be
  8. dibblejr, honestly I don't see it that way. But Potato, po-taw-to. The way I see it, I am paying for the face I am buying. If it comes with a copyright that tells me I cannot use it to pattern other faces, I will respect that. I would never infringe on any copyrighted or proprietary rights. Nowhere on the page did it mention anything about it. If the paperwork accompanying the face says anything to that effect, I will respect it. As I stated before, it may be more work than it is worth and I may end up buying another face anyways. That I openly admitted what I was doing only sup
  9. Irish Alan and Kapkirk, Here is the link to the singing faces. This is un-assembled and for the face only. You still have to buy the lights, controllers, etc. And you need to build the frame around it. I bought one and then am going to trace onto Coroboard I am buying at Home Depot. Much cheaper but not sure if it will be worth the savings for all the work. Gonna try one and see how it goes. This is also for the led lights, not the nodes. They have a different version available for the nodes, as well as an entire kit with everything to build one face (about $360). http://www.hol
  10. Thanks everyone! Ordered my face and my lights and will assemble them as I wait for my controller. Still looking at used ones (I know, I know) but thinking about a new one from the website. I would have to get a major deal to order the used one, so not sure that is going to happen I will post my progress!
  11. Oh and I am trying to save some money by buying a used controller on ebay and I will do the led string lights since it seems more newbie friendly than the dumb nodes.
  12. Thank you all for your brutal honesty! I have ordered one singing face and will get a controller and buy a pre-sequenced song and play around with it. I did not have any thoughts of sequencing one myself! I have read enough to know that I only can get 2 faces per controller. I am not really wanting to do any other lights for now, so that is fine by me. If we get it going by this Christmas, great! If not, I will have a whole year to make it work for next year! I really just want to get it to work for my grandkids more than anything! Next year I would like to do the four faces f
  13. Hi! I know I am late to the table, but if I want to set up a simple display having 2-4 singing faces ONLY, NO other lights, what do I need? And what advice would you give me? Any advice is welcome other than forget about it! lol My son will be here over Thanksgiving week and is a computer techy guy in the military and will help me, but I just want to have everything here for him. Thanks so much for all your help!
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