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  1. could i get a copy of hallelujah sequence oldsman71@gmail.com
  2. so i upgraded to S5 and im working on a few new sequences but you can not import your channel configuration. on the preview i get my channels from last year to come in but they are listed in Alphabetical order and not based on unit number. so now my mega tree is screwed up and other items because they go mega tree1 mega tree10 mega tree 11 etc so when creating a new sequence or modifying its a PITA how do you get the channel layout to the way S4 did it or at least not alphabetical i tried reorganizing the list and preview and the saved. even exported the grid config but when i creat a new and import it does not change. Almost ready to go back to S4
  3. Can I get a copy also, Thanks oldsman71@gmail.com
  4. can I get a copy also, Thanks oldsman71@gmail.com
  5. could i get a copy, thanks oldsman71@gmail.com
  6. could i get a copy, thanks oldsman71@gmail.com
  7. can i get a copy too oldsman71@gmail.com
  8. can i get a copy to, please oldsman71@gmail.com
  9. can I get a copy also, thanks s_kintz@comcast.net
  10. Anyone have a sequence for the Christmas can can by straight no chaser? s_kintz@comcast.net
  11. Can I get copy of it for reg lights s_kintz@comcast.net
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