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  1. was wondering if I could get some of that 3500 sequences 16 channel please and thank you in advance landonwebster123@gmail.com
  2. hey guys new to this any 16 channel sequences would really be awesome frosty the snow man, rudolph, jinglebells, grandma got ran over , all the traditional Christmas songs but will not be picky thank you all in advance also I have the singing santa clause face would be cool if they matched up if not no biggie landonwebster123@gmail.com
  3. looking for a lil help new to this product which I have been wanting to do for along time love it so far but lets face it.its my first year and I have no clue how to due sequence's I got 5 free when I bought my Christmas light package which is great but I want more of the tradional Christmas songs like granma got ran over by a rainddere and frosty the snow man things like that I followed the form to free sequences. when I down load them and open them in the sequence editor I get the message BACKGROUND IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST which I have no clue what that means so who has a little insight
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