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  1. very nice!!!!!! a lot of hard work went in to that absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!
  2. ill count you as a Kentuckian beings you were made here lol sorry to heir about your condition I love ky!!!!! Ashland is about 1 1/2 drive for me my twin sister lives in MIAMI FL and is a doctor at the hospital on south beach she loves It in FL I go to visit and she always asked when I'm gonna move be hard to do for me I love the small town feeling where every one knows every one and every body would give their shirt off their back for anybody in need which is hard to find!!!!!fall is a lovely time in the bluegrass state I always tell people travel through here if they ever get a chance ar
  3. I know its last minute and Christmas eve at that just thought I would ask to see if anybody has done this would like to add it to my new years eve show big thanks in advance landonwebster123@gmail.com HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  4. kids loved it man so did the neighbors gonna be great for new years show again thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome show
  6. if still sharing can I get a copy of the sequence please big thanks!!!!!! in advance JR landonwebster123@gmail.com
  7. from the bluegrass state good old KENTUCKY!!!!!!!
  8. thanks for sharing DOC kids love em!!!! great work
  9. would love a copy of kiki and whip and nae nae if still sharing thanks in advance!!!!! landonwebster123@gmail.com
  10. was wondering if any body has or is working on this song it is a remix of all the number one hits by Michael Jackson and is done by x mark ronson song is called diamond are invincible would be an awesome song to use in a sequence any help is greatly appreciated or let me know who would be willing to tackle It thanks in advance for any help provided
  11. JR is correct I was doing the same thing till I was reading and that way works out so much easier and faster
  12. very nice work!!!!! I have the singing santa clause face but that elf would look a lot better to have!!!!
  13. nice work!!! the timing is perfect!! good job I need to add the singing tree faces to my show
  14. absoutly speechless!!!!!!! good job very nice display
  15. big THANK YOU for sharing you hit it out of the park on this one!!!!!!!!
  16. if still sharing can I get a copy thanks in advance!!!!!! landonwebster123@gmail.com
  17. I would like a copy if still sharing thanks in advance !!!!!!! landonwebster123@gmail.com
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