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  1. Mr. Morris, can I get a copy? And thank you for sharing other sequences with me. Kristofer.Landell@gmail.com
  2. Thanks! I'm trying to get all my own sequencing done for Christmas. Borrowed a few for halloween due to not having enough time to sequence that all myself in 2 weeks time.
  3. I have started a small 16 channel light show at my house. Would love to expand for next year, but I'm happy with a small show for now. I am running about 50/50 my sequences/ sequences others have shared on this forum or posted online in other places. I was wondering the best way to share this. I feel like I need to give credit to the people who wrote the sequence. I'm just looking to share the light show with my friends and family who are not local on facebook. Is there a protocol for this? I'm obviously not doing this for financial gain, just something fun to do in my free time. A lot
  4. I would love a copy of this if you are still sharing! kristofer.landell@gmail.com Thank you!
  5. I would love Ghostbusters. Just finished a this is Halloween sequence for 8 ch if anybody wantsto check it out. kristofer.landell@gmail.com
  6. Omniadmp

    Sequence Help

    Hello! I just got my first controller and finished a sequence. Was wondering if somebody who is experienced can take a look at it? I wrote it for 6 channels just to start practicing. Looking for some tips on what I can do better. I come from a music background so I'm trying to sequence with changes in the song track.
  7. I'm also looking for one or two 16 channel sequences. Just got the controller and I have 6 pumpkins, 2 rip stones, a singing pumpkin, and some window lighting. Just learning how to sequence now through the se and visualizer. I have experience doing music recording, so actually writing the sequence isn't too difficult, but boy is it time consuming! email is kristofer.landell@gmail.com Thanks!
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