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  1. Last display in 2016 I used a Pixie8 and it worked flawlessly. This year, I connected the same 12v WS2811 bullet nodes. When I powered up the unit all pixels on all props come on white. No com cable connected. Connecting the com cable had no effect. Help please.
  2. I think there's something abnormal going on with your setup/controller. Having 50+ strings of these, and then seeing this in my LOR feed I almost pooped my pants. Then I did some testing. I tested on two different versions of older CTB16PC controllers and also on an old CTB08D and on all three the strobes worked just fine at full on. Whew!
  3. Got mine from my white wire vendor today. No email or anything - they just showed up. Of all the nerve... Within an hour, I got a phone message from my green wire vendor telling me those will ship next week. The timing made me laugh. They all must have been on the same boat. The strobes look totally awesome. Anyone who thinks they're not bright enough, I'll buy them from you.
  4. Thanks for the warning. Gives me time to sharpen up my insults and snide remarks.
  5. From the been there, done that department: Just about everything you buy from either a vendor or fellow decorator has whatever connectors THEY used. It gets real awkward real fast to have a bunch of different size/style connectors laying around. Choose your connectors and then stay with those EXCLUSIVELY. Replace everything else you might have and get rid of everything else. In my case, I settled on the 4-pin pigtails and extension cables from DIY LED Express. I use them on every RGB controller (whether pixels or dumb RGB) and every RGB/pixel prop in my inventory. It took me about a week to bring everything into compliance, but now I'm no longer held hostage having to use certain props only on certain controllers.
  6. I had that exact same experience with a Windows 10 laptop. I went to FILE > OPTIONS > Tab 6 and way at the bottom, I UNchecked the Advanced Rendering Engine option and everything all of a sudden worked just fine.
  7. From the been there, done that department: If you enjoy problem-free soldering, avoid copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire, and spend a few cents extra for oxygen-free copper strand wires.
  8. Create the random pattern manually and save it as a named clipboard. When you want to use it, paste it to background.
  9. I've been using 18GA round 4-conductor extension cords (and pigtails) from DIY LED Express for years. I wouldn't even think of buying them elsewhere. They're the same size as what LOR uses for 10w RGB floods.
  10. I'm not sure what Dennis was answering either. But if it was anything to do with deleting the macro channels, I've done that with every CCR/P/B I have and each device still works just fine without them.
  11. Actually I didn't have any return wire to deal with. I only ran one candy cane per RGB channel on a CMB24D. Had I been doing smart pixels though, and given the difficulty of getting the bullet pixels through in the first place, I probably would have run the wire on the outside. Another reason why folding over a ribbon might be a far superior way to go.
  12. Time to maybe count your blessings - I'm 6'3" and wish I only weighed 240.
  13. I didn't use pixels - I used dumb RGB bullet nodes. (Where I used them it would have been a waste to do it with pixels.) They were a bear to pull through but the results were worth it. I think they look great. I tried strips but didn't like the dark side look. I never thought of folding them. Now I've got another project... I haven't seen a white candy cane at Walmart for the past three years. Not even online. I'm glad I stocked up, but my spare inventory is almost depleted. The good news is that putting RGB inside the discolored old canes will prolong their useful lifespan. The RGB color blasts right through the discoloration.
  14. We shouldn't even be having this conversation in 2018. More than one person a dozen people who've gone through my Sequence U classes the past few years have mentioned Clipboard Flipper as one of the most useful tools they learned about. It's a shame that LOR seems to pay so little attention to the things that so many of their most avid and active sequencers have to say and suggest.
  15. Stacy Boatman also has a video or two with them. Hers are quite a bit back from the street and they still look good. I hate to say this, but the more I think about them, the more places I come up with where they might look very nice. Talk about pathetic, between 2 vendors, I've got 30 strings on order and I don't think that's enough. I only wish I hadn't been so stupid as to actually answer when Sharon casually asked me how many I was getting. It's amazing disappointing how quickly the edge wears off when you go dark for a year.
  16. I can't imagine sequencing (especially pixels) without Clipboard Flipper. Most useful add-on I've ever seen. IMO, this is something that LOR should have bought years ago and incorporated into their software.
  17. I feel like an amateur. All I do with mine is shine them on buildings.
  18. Me too. It's actually pretty good. Surprising, even. Orv's done an excellent job hiding his sense of humor for years now. When's the show coming back?
  19. We were dark in 2017. While it was the right decision, it wasn't at all by choice. It tortured me for 2 months looking out a window and seeing an empty yard, and then looking out at night during lighting season and seeing dark. It wasn't until the middle of December that I came to realize it wasn't the worst thing not having to tend to everything every night. Now when I look outside, it's a relief not seeing a display waiting to be torn down in March or April when it thaws. For me, being dark could turn into a slippery slope. Especially since I have no props to build this year and no songs to sequence because none of my new things got used in 2017. Still a long time between now and September, but I can't help but notice that little voice inside that wonders...
  20. I've also gone through every smart and dumb controller along with every prop and changed out all pigtails to match a single style from a single vendor. In my case I use a 4-pin connector from DIY LED Express. I use 4-pin because that covers any/every type of pixel and also dumb RGB. Their pigtails come from the same supplier every year, and haven't changed in any way for all the years I've been buying them. If extension cables get mixed, for example theirs and LOR's 4-pin 10w floodlights are the same size, it makes no difference since the extension is nothing but a straight pass-through anyway. I solder all my own pigtails and order my nodes/pixels without any. If I wind up receiving product that has them already attached, it only takes 2 seconds to cut the ends off and two more seconds to pitch those ends into the trash. My only regret is not having standardized my pigtails years sooner.
  21. Open a sequence in the SE and go to EDIT > SEQUENCE INFO and that should tell you where that particular audio file is located. Unless you've moved them elsewhere, that's where all your audio files should be. As for MP3 Gain, I prefer 93dB. Given the particular settings on my PC and FM transmitter that's where I get the cleanest sound. Your setup might be different. Generally speaking, a little too low is usually a better option than a little too high when it comes to broadcast sound quality. If someone sitting in their car wants it louder, let them use their radio's loudness control.
  22. Thanks for the kind words Chet. And you're absolutely right. I've never had a singing face, tree, duck, pumpkin, bulb or anything else and never will. There's nothing at all novel or unique about those. (Okay - maybe the duck would be, but I digress.) Same goes for pixel billboards in the display and/or 8-bit cartoons scrolling around a mega tree. Just not my cup of tea. To each their own. Yet every single sequence I've ever done (except for the street-sweeper Soldier's Silent Night) is dead on with the beat. That's 99% due to LOR and their Beat Wizard tool.
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