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  1. I myself am looking for a video on how to make the dome covers and a parts list of what is needed to build them. I have big tubs that I have to cover up the lights with and bungee cord them to the ground when it rains or snows, aggravating I cannot use the lights when it rains or snows. The ones I have seen are as you mentioned very expensive. If anyone sees or has a way to build these dome covers I would love to hear from them.. Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree with you both, would love to see LOR come up with something like this for moving heads. The weather covers are very expensive does anyone have any ideas how to make the weather covers? A video of how they are built and where to buy the materials would be awesome. (I priced covers and they are more then most of the lights.) I am in Illinois and we get a a lot of snow and rain so my setup is usually out till March, I had to cover my moving heads up with big plastic tubs and bungee cord them to the ground when it rains and snows. (It was aggravating that I could not use the
  3. Will they have a set of classes again this year? I wish I would have seen they were doing these classes sooner I would have signed up. They should get money in advance so if people do not show up at least they got money up front for the classes.
  4. bhays: I know this has been a long time however I am trying to make my own DMX moving head covers and I cannot open your files. Would love to see these files if possible. Thoughts? Thanks xmasman22.
  5. I am new to this so bear with me please, I bought the plug n play Holiday Coro mega tree and it works great problem I have is running it in visualizer because the words and props in the sequences are upside down when you play it back through visualizer, suggestions on how to correct this would appreciated? I used tree wizard to setup the tree in visualizer.
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