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  1. Hi James, Finally getting moving on Christmas :) Could I please get a copy at dgrusty@yahoo.com ? Thanks, Dale
  2. My apologies for not replying earlier to those of you who requested. Been a busy several months. Anyway, if anyone wants this that I haven't sent to yet, please let me know and I'll send out post haste. Dale
  3. Thanks for everyone's input. I greatly appreciate it. Some good news to report. I decided to try one of my kid's laptops instead. Slower machine but I thought try. In short, all is working great now on the older laptop. I'm guessing there is something running on my laptop (not on my kid's) that was blocking/inhibiting some network traffic to the controllers. Just a guess. Anyway, now at least I can move forward getting ready for Christmas now that Halloween show is working.
  4. Did that already With all my songs. The thing that is most frustrating is that it works fine when playing from Sequencer. What is different about playing from Show Player ? I even took the .LMS file created by Show Player and fed it back in to Sequencer and played fine. But when I took the same LMS file (produced by Show Player) and played in a Show, it has the out of synch situation again.
  5. When I've had something else running the sequence will have lag and stuttering but the music and lights still stay in synch. It's almost as if the lights think the song is 10% longer in duration than the music.
  6. Well, rebooted again and this time the lag is back. Xlights next year I think.
  7. It's not sleeping. I checked that a while back. Could just be coincidence. But strange its good first time through after reboot.
  8. So...I rebooted again, and the first time through the 1 song show, all was good. The second time, it started lagging a bit. I noticed the Windows lock screen had kicked in. I stood there and made sure no lock screen, and it seemed to run correctly. I've disabled the lock screen and will let run several times and let you know how it comes out.
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