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  1. Would also like a copy if possible! Thanks, ou1194@gmail.com
  2. Would love a copy!! Looks great ou1194@gmail.com
  3. Would love a copy as well if possible, thanks ou1194@gmail.com
  4. Old Sarge Id love a few if possible, if not not, no worries! 11, 26, 34, 41, 52, 67, 77. Thank you! ou1194@gmail.com
  5. Would love a copy if available still. TIA! ou1194@gmail.com
  6. Would love a copy if still sharing!! Thanks, ou1194@gmail.com Halloween sequences were great, thanks!!!
  7. Would Love a copy too! You sent me few the other day and they are great! Ist holiday doing this! Thanks ou1194@gmail.com
  8. Would love a copy of these if still offering! Newbie trying to get setup!! Thanx ou1194@gmail.com
  9. Would love a copy as well if willing !!!! Thanx ou1194@gmail.com
  10. Same situation as Rob above, would love a copy of these too! OU1194@gmail.com Thanks for the shares!!!
  11. Would love a copy! OU1194@gmail.com! TIA
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