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  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out the max length of cable from any prop to pixie 16 controller without dropping data or losing voltage. I have used 20 feet before, but could I use 25 or 30 feet? Thanks James
  2. Hello, Is there anyway to lower the intensity of RGB's at the controller level using a pixie 16 James
  3. Hello, How do I lower the intensity of my lights. I am using pixie 16's and strings of 50. Thanks James
  4. Hello, I have concerns with having enough power. I would like to measure how many amps is going thru a 50 pixel string. Can a use a kill o watt meter plugged into the end of the string? Also, I have two strings of 50 pixels rated at 3 amps a piece. If I connect them together it would draw 6 amps, but the fuse on the pixie16 is rated at 4 amps. Thanks
  5. My pixie16 is not connected to a computer. I bought just the board and I am using a power supply from a another supplier. I know the power supply is good as I have connected to other boards and they work fine. The reset button does nothing when pressed. The power supply is wired correctly. Thanks
  6. Hello, I have a brand new pixie 16 dead right out the box. I am using a 12v power supply, measure 12.5 volts coming into the board. No blinking status light. Is there something I can reset on the board to try to get it to work. Thanks
  7. Is there a way the change location of the music in PE
  8. Can you give some step by step instructions on how to do that? Thanks
  9. How do I join two Pixie 16 controllers together. I can find them one at a time with the hardware utility, but when I try to join them together(similar to regular LOR boxes, it only finds one of them. Also a little insight of how the second set of 16 channels are assigned. Please help James
  10. I have read all the posts I can find with my new pixie 16. I am testing one string of RGB pixels. I can use the HU no problem to test the string. I have the string on port one My network settings are attached My prop settings are attached What am I doing wrong. Thanks James
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