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  1. Congrats JR and thanks for all your help and advice these past several years!
  2. Hope 2021 is a much better year than the train wreck that 2020 was.
  3. Thinking of making 2 candy cane spinners out of a bunch of Walmart candy canes that were causing a bunch of GFCI trips 3 yrs ago that I haven't used since. I'll probably mount them to the front of our house to keep them off the ground.
  4. I usually wait until 1 or 2 weekends after New Year's Day to tear down our Christmas display. But due to several inches of snow in the forecast yesterday, several days later this week, and several days next week, I decided to tear down yesterday Dec 27. With my back & shoulder problems having gotten worse this year, I figured it would be better to tear down before all the ground props and cords got buried by snow and encased in snow that melted and refroze. Much safer to go up and down ladders too while the ground is still snow-free. We (and probably our neighbors too) aren't used
  5. If you're not opposed to buying sequences from the LOR Sequences store, they have a sequence for that song. http://sequences.lightorama.com/Rockin-Around-the-Christmas-Tree-Brenda-Lee_p_1156.html You can see it in our 48-channel setup from last Christmas around the 1:12:59 mark of the video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpWmHQk0h00wr3dtTPssNjq8S78JBUZH/view
  6. Just bought my ticket. The days are flying by really fast and I almost forgot about this lol.
  7. Looking for a 48-channel sequence of this song. Thanks in advance. MartinaFan64@gmail.com
  8. Speedster


    I'm using a flexible drain pipe like this to keep over 2 dozen extension cords & SPT1 wires from dangerously cluttering the area below the first step leading to our front porch. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bend-A-Drain-4-in-x-12-ft-Polypropylene-Flexible-Solid-Drain-Pipe-335112/205164017
  9. Heat isn't an issue this time of year in WI either, so I always cover my controllers with black plastic bags as an added layer of protection against Mother Nature, and to also conceal the controllers.
  10. Since your laptop is dedicated to LOR and not even connected to the internet or used for other purposes, then rebooting regularly (probably weekly in your case) might be all you need. (My show runs on a MiniDirector, but if I used a computer I'd probably reboot every afternoon before a show starts because I'm paranoid about show glitches that might be avoidable by simply rebooting.) A 3-yr old laptop should be new/powerful enough to run your show, but if your sequences are complicated, and having 9 controllers and an ELL, maybe 8 GB of RAM isn't enough. If you can increase the RAM, go f
  11. I had the exact same problem with a set of net lights that I bought from Home Depot. From far away it wasn't real evident, but once I got within 10 feet of them, I could see that they were very dimly lit even when the show wasn't running. I wasn't sure if it was a problem with the channel on that controller or a problem with the net lights, but it didn't really bother me too much since you couldn't even tell the net lights were dimly lit from far away. I had the exact same set of net lights on a different channel on the same controller, but did not experience that same issue. I opted for a
  12. So this sequencing issue was caused by inconsistent timing in the track? Makes me wonder how frustrating it would be to sequence a song by the rock group Rush. They were known for changing time signatures within the same song, and had some weird non-standard time signatures like 11/8, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 9/8, etc. As an amateur musician I struggle with normal time signatures like 3/4 and 4/4 lol.
  13. I wish I had seen TSO years ago before ticket prices skyrocketed to the point where it became un-affordable for me and my family of 5 to attend a show. So I'm definitely excited about this livestream concert. Because I've had 14 TSO songs in our light show for several years, whenever I hear a TSO song on the radio I can "see" our display in my mind as I listen to the song. I can see the chasing effect during Wizards In Winter quite vividly in my mind lol.
  14. Good advice. I'm paranoid so I usually go out once or twice a night to watch my display for a few minutes just to make sure I can hear the music and that all the lights are lighting up properly. One of my spiral trees died shortly after I finished setting up and was doing a final test 2 weekends ago. Luckily I have spares of most lights/items so it was a quick & easy replacement. Since I use an FM transmitter, I'm also able to make sure the show is running by having a boombox turned on during the entire duration of the show (4:30 pm - 10:00 pm). If I hear the songs cut out, then I
  15. And stick with Kingston brand SD cards because other brands don't work as well. I think others have used Lexar SD cards with good results too. That's what I'm using with mine since it makes it easier to use a timer. http://store.lightorama.com/12vowatr.html
  16. That was awesome, and your display looks amazing!
  17. Within the main box disconnect then reconnect everything. I think the main box gets its power from the light controller that it's connected to. So check the CAT5 cable connecting the main box to the controller to make sure both ends of the connection are good. The CAT5 cable itself might be bad so try replacing it. If possible plug the light controller into a different outlet in case the original outlet is bad.
  18. Very cool! Do you have a link to the Channel 10 WPLJ interview? I couldn't find it on their website.
  19. I resisted the urge to start early this past weekend and lit up today at 5:00 pm (Thanksgiving day) as usual.
  20. That's exactly how I felt, and as recently as 3 weeks ago I was planning on going dark this year to match my mood for 2020. But then I saw several houses fully lit up the 2nd week of Nov, which inspired me to start planning my setup for this year. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn't cooperate, so this year's light show will be "tame" (maybe even "lame" lol) compared to the past several years.
  21. The weather hasn't been cooperating and I lost almost an entire week of set up time. Lots of cold weather, rain, wind, and snow flurries. I wasn't able to start setting up until last Wed 11/18. In order to be ready for Thanksgiving night, I had to be finished by this past weekend because I knew we were getting more bad weather this week. So I made the decision to put up less lights and props this year to cut down on the set up time. So our light show will be a watered-down version of what we usually do. But on the up-side that means tear-down during frigid temperatures in January will ta
  22. I usually light up on Thanksgiving evening but I'm seeing more and more houses lighting up over the past 2 weeks. So I'm seriously thinking of lighting up this weekend since I'll be finished with my setup tomorrow (Sat) afternoon.
  23. On the way back from my 2 daughters' appointments in Green Bay yesterday we saw 5 or 6 houses that already had Christmas lights/decor on their houses and/or yards. Many trees on business-zoned streets were also lit up with lights. When we were a few blocks from our house we saw 2 houses that had some Christmas lights/decor. Anyone else seeing houses lit up with Christmas lights & decor already? I think this is the earliest that I've seen them.
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