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  1. I purchased 4 singing trees from Light O Rama at the end of the year and have no idea where to start. I use 4, 16 channel controllers and purchase all sequences from the sequence store all ready to go. I know I have to buy motion packs to make the trees work with the music I already have. I have no idea where to connect them into the controllers. Do I plug them into certain channels and which controller. I did download S5. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for responding to help me. The reindeer I have has lights already on it. There are a total of 5 plugs which 3 of them are labeled 1,2,3. I have 64 channels and purchased all sequences from LOR. Below is the explanation from where I purchased it. Hopefully the description below helps a little bit. Talking Reindeer is designed with a moveable mouth ,blinking nose, and blinking eyes to be used with animated lighting products such as LIGHT-O-Rama (LOR).
  3. I just purchased a reindeer face and have no idea how to make it sing with my sequences. Any help would be appreciated.
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