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  1. Thank you Jim for the information. I think it's probably time to start learning about E1.31 for next year. I am completely new to that protocol.
  2. I am currently running 2 of the 16x50 smart pixel trees with the S5 Pro license, using the red hs-485 usb connection on an enhanced network. I want to add an additional 400 pixels in the form of 8 smart pixel arches. This would total 2000 pixels. Question 1: Will my network handle this?Also, I would like to purchase 2 of the 270 pixel stars from holiday coro to put on top of these mega trees. These come each with an AlphaPix 4 to control them.Question 2: Do I need to run these on E1.31, or can they just daisy chain into the Pixie16s the trees are run by?
  3. What is the best way to add photos to my 16x50 pixel trees in S5? When I try to select files in the motion effects generator, they dont appear. Is there a certain way they need to be saved (to the desktop for example) in order to display in the sequence? Version 5.5.14 - Pro License
  4. Regular network, 56k speed.
  5. First year adding the ELL to my show. Cat5 from the last controller in my chain to ELL 1. ELL 2 is across the street connected to a CTB16. This controller is also set up as Unit ID 01 (to mirror Unit ID 01 on my house). The channels fire correctly when I am in the HU, but dont respond at all when I run a sequence. Am I missing a step somewhere? Version 4.4.6 Pro License
  6. Update: I have updated my software to 4.4.6. I have the Pro license. All controllers have the latest firmware. All CTB16's are Gen 3. Firmware 1.11. Both CMB24's are Gen 3. Firmware 1.05. I'm using the black RJ485 on the Regular LOR network (comm3) with a 57.6k speed. I do not have "enhanced" checked in the Network Preferences. In the HWU, when I connect the first 2 16's (ID 1 & 2) and hit refresh, both controllers have a solid green led. Both controllers appear in the drop down menu to the right of the refresh. When I add a cat5 cable from ID 2 to ID 7(the CMB 24), the red led in 7 goes solid, but the 2 green leds in controllers 1 & 2 begin to blink again. When I refresh again, only Unit ID 07 shows up. I have gone directly from the RJ485 to Unit 7, and it reacts fine. Are there any other suggestions that I can try to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks again for all of your help so far!!
  7. Thank you for checking in with me! I am currently upgrading the firmware on the 16G3's to 1.11. The Unit ID 07 CMB24 is 1.05, so I think thats the latest firmware?
  8. The pins look good. It seems to work just fine when I go from Unit ID 07 to the RJ45? That what I just can't seem to understand? For the sake of trial and error, 1, 2 & 8 work fine all together. 1 & 2 work together. 7 & 8 work together. Any time I add 7 to the mix, 1 & 2 start blinking. I have just upgraded to 4.4.6. I reset the CMB24. I have tried to use my RS485-HS instead of the reular 485. I have tried comm4 and comm3.
  9. The CMB24 does respond properly when ran directly to the RJ45, as does unit 08. For some reason when I add ID 07 to the mix, Units 01 & 02 start blinking. I have tried several different cat5 cables. Thank you for your help!
  10. I am experiencing a strange thing with my controllers. For Halloween I only use 2 CTB16's for string lights (Unit ID's 01 & 02), and 2 CMB24's for dumb rgb strips(Unit ID 07) and rgb floods (Unit ID 08). When I connect the first 2, the controller LEDs turn solid green. All good. When I add the 3rd controller (the CMB24), the first 2 units blink again, but the CMB24 is solid? Any suggestions? I have a pro license and use the enhanced protocol for Christmas.
  11. This has been a big help! I followed those steps in the SE and the PE and it seems to have corrected the issue. The only question now is whether or not I can couple two cat5 cables together, as my pixel trees are more than 100ft apart. Thank you soooo much for your speedy assistance. Happy Lighting!!
  12. Thank you so much for your response. I follow what you are saying with 2 separate networks, but I still have a question of how to put the pixie16s on a different Com? My laptop has 2 usb ports, but I'm only finding com3. I currently have both networks plugged in, but when I run sequences they only control 1 port or the other. I cant seem to figure out hoe to run both com ports at the same time?
  13. I updated to a pro license this year, and I am using S4. Last year I had a very typical LOR setup: unit IDs 1-8 all on a regular network. Controllers are ctb16g3 and cmb24s (for units 7 & 8). I have been using the black adapter in the com3 port of my laptop. Everything works great to this point. This year I purchased 2 50x16 pixel trees and 2 pixie16s. I changed out the black 485 adapter for a red high speed adapter and changed the network to an enhanced protocol in the network preferences. Programming the song went great and the pixel trees all tested perfectly in the garage. Now everything is setup in the yard and there is a lot of random lights going on (unit ID 2 curiously) when they arent supposed to. I ordered a brand new controller to replace unit ID 2, but the same interference is happening. I think the problem is that the pixie16s need to be on a separate network ie. com4 or com5? Question... Do I need to run the Pixel trees on their own networkwith the red adapter, and the rest of the show separately on the black adapter? If so...how do I add an additional com port so I can use both usb outlets on my laptop? Thank You!!
  14. JR Could you post a link to this write up please? I am running the v4.4.2 Pro version. I am adding a 16x50 Smart Pixel Tree to the show this year, and am just learning the PE. I am at the point where I have programmed some basic effects on the tree (in PE) and the prop is now added to the SE, and saved as an intensity file. I would now like to add this prop to see on my visualizer. The tree wizard only allows CCR and DMX Pixels. Is there a way to add this Smart Pixel Tree as a prop in the Visualizer, or would using SS be better? Ultimately I am just trying to see my entire layout as I am programming the pixel tree. Thank you for any help! Raine
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