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  1. Anyone will to share "Candy Cane Lane" by Sia. I am running 64 channels but any good sequence will do. Thanks.
  2. Could I get a copy of this also? astrallaw@bellsouth.net
  3. I have pro. I got it working with the help of Scooter. I had to set my LOR network as enhanced.
  4. I have 6 ac controllers and 1 alphapix 16. I am using S5. I created the sequences and played them in the preview and everything worked perfect. I created playback files, when I did, it said I had 1 LOR network and none were enhanced. It said nothing about my e1.31 network. So i tried creating a show and then played the show. The ac controllers worked fine, the alphapix did nothing. I am at a loss as to why. Help! Time is running out.
  5. how about an email address i can send it to?
  6. Not sure how to attach the file, it says I am only allowed a file size of 501.76kb and the file is much larger than that.
  7. Each ribbon is set an individual DMX universe. Ex: ribbon 1 is universe 1 with 50 pixels, ribbon 2 is universe 2 and so on. Is this what you wanted to know?
  8. First thought is that the configuration of the AlphaPix does not match that of the Preview (or´╗┐ the Visualization file if SuperStar´╗┐ was configured via that method). I have S4 on another computer and imported the SUP file to that version and Hooked it up to the same controller and everything worked fine. It is just S5 that is not right as far as I can tell.
  9. I talked with Mark while in Mesquite last week and he said to highlight the line in my sequence that had Superstar in it, then hit the SS button in the tool bar, when superstar opens, then open my sup sequence. I did all that. Then he said just close SS, it would ask if I wanted to save the sequence and I said yes. It automatically imported the sequence to the highlighted row. Then I tried to play it and only 1 ribbon would play.
  10. Ok my bad. It is S5. The preview I created has a CCR tree and it runs fine when I get the SUP file loaded into the sequence. However when I hook up the controllers and actually try to run it only ribbon 1 works.
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