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  1. Did you sell your 50W RGB LED flood light? Mine just went out and it's out of stock on LOR.
  2. I'm still a newbie, but I believe the answer is that you need an enhanced network of 500k or higher for cosmic colors to work properly. The mini-director does not allow for enhanced network. You'll need to upgrade your director or purchase a high speed adapter and run off a computer. Network info: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  3. My network issues were solved after some trial and error. I have 9 controllers on one network. #4 in the chain had some water in the cat 5 connection point that knocked out the entire network for some reason (don't know why I could not at least detect #s 1-3). Once it dried out, it worked fine. I have done some extra water proofing to avoid future problems. Regarding the G4 MP3 Director, I finally got a response on my helpdesk ticket. They suggested resetting it. That seemed to do the trick as it is working perfectly so far. In an effort to help others in the future, here are the
  4. Orville, The G4-MP3 is all over the place! Sometimes it stalls out at "init." Sometimes it starts and then crashes. Sometimes it does not even respond to the network connection and SD card. More details above in this thread. Basically, the director is set to the correct time and the SD card is written to play within the time that I'm testing it. I am creating it with the correct network speed - 500k ELOR. I have power run to the director, since it may not be getting enough juice from my first controller. I am using the recommended Kingston SD card. The only time I got it to p
  5. I changed to 500k. I also connected to each controller one by one and found a bad connection. My 50W cosmic color flood has connections that are not in a box. I had them on the ground with a cord keeper around them to protect it from rain, but water still got in the CAT5 connection. Once I bypassed that controller, everything worked fine (when run from my computer). I still cannot get the G4-MP3 Director to work, but I should be able to run my Halloween show. In the meantime, the wind in my area this morning broke some of my singing face props. If it's not one thing, it's anothe
  6. If it's not one things, it's another. I am convinced that this is not a light hobby, it's a problem-solving hobby and yes, it causes temporary insanity! Thank you for all the previous suggestions. Here are the issues I'm still having and responses to previous replies: - I have changed all my audio files to constant 128k speed and redirected the media files in each sequence. This did not completely solve my problem. The show would start, but then crashed. - I am using a Kingston SD card - the one provided with my new G4-MP3 Director - I updated software at the be
  7. Thanks for your suggestions. I tried a different SD card and made sure it would not be corrupted. I moved the director to a new position in my network, right by a CTB16PC controller. No luck with either idea. I am running a 115k enhanced network. Everything works on one network when running from my computer. I started a helpdesk ticket to get answers before I make a ton of network changes. I was hoping to start my Halloween show today and I suppose I can use a computer for Halloween and hopefully get the G4-MP3 director working for my Christmas shows. Best Regards, Michelle
  8. I am having the same trouble with the G4-MP3 Director, although switching to "show plays during scheduled time" has not worked for me. I have made sure that the director's time is set correctly. I only get a display reading "init". The first controller connected is a CCB2 and did not appear to power the show director consistently, so I connected external power. Does anyone else have a solution? Could it be related to overheating of the show director? It is still 90 degrees in Texas and though I have the show director in a covered box, it sometimes feels hot to the touch and does not disp
  9. OMG, this would save me so much time and make my 7 year old happy! Could you please share with me? Lovering@gmail.com
  10. Is it possible to change the grid background color of traditional props in S5? I thought I could do this in previous version. I know I can change the "on" light color by editing the prop definition, but I see no way to change the grid color. The real issue is when using either the toggle button or the "on" and "off" buttons, my cursor becomes a tiny white line that becomes almost invisible against the light gray background. I'm having some serious eye strain. The RGB prop backgrounds are black and the cursor can easily be seen. If there is not way to change it I'm going to have to g
  11. Thanks for your help, George. I'll order my high speed adapter today and get ready for Christmas!
  12. Yes, it is a CCB with 2 strings of 100 bulbs each. I now have each string set with a different LOR ID. I set up my CCBs in visualizer and then imported them into PE for sequencing. I've followed all the tutorial steps and saved intensity data. Everything appears to be set up correctly. I just can't get it to work. I have updated the firmware on all of my controllers allowing them all to run on and enhanced 500k network. However, I only have the regular RS485 adapter. I'm also running 2 CMDB24s, 3 CTB16PC3g controllers, and one cosmic flood. Do you think it's a network speed issue? Al
  13. I guess I'm totally lost then. I have the Pixie 2D. There are 100 pixels (300 channels) on each port. I don't understand how to set it up as an LOR device when it exceeds the maximum allowable channels. I also don't understand if I have to run my show with a high speed RS485 adapter or if the regular or min-director would work. I just received my lights on Thursday and was hoping to run them for a Halloween light show tonight, but the learning curve is looking too steep for this CCB newbie!
  14. What did you figure out? I need to know the answer to this problem too. I thought I had to set them up as DMX, but run on an LOR network, but I can't get them working.
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