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  1. Decided to switch to the S5 software. Having a difficult time figuring out how to use a purchased 16 string Mega Tree and incorporating my older version traditional sequences. If someone is able to help, I'm willilng to pay.. Thanks Doc
  2. I just upgraded to S5 pro. I had the S4 version made some sequences and now trying to figure out how to transfer my LOR sequences to my new computer that has the S5 software.
  3. ahhhhh!!! got it thanks
  4. My FM transmitter is transmitting fine except for their is a lot of ststic when vocals are heard or the music is loud any suggestions to fix problem i have tried several stations but same result
  5. so is there a way to keep lights on after the last sequence plays? i dont want the yard to look pitch black till the the next show starts at the top of the hour
  6. I crated a show on Show Builder to play from 6pm - 10 pm. The show is programmed to start every hour on the hour. My sequences last approximately 45 minutes. I have clicked the area for the lights to stay on when the show is over BUT the lights turn off following the 45 minute show. Anyone have any suggestions to correct this problem. Thanks Doc
  7. my email is docmargo1@ yahoo.com thanks for your patience
  8. I'll try that tonight when i get home and see if that works Thanks
  9. Im trying to get my 32 channels singing faces to only respond to the singing faces sequences purchased at Holiday Coro and not to respond to the other musical sequences in my Show. I have twelve songs. 6 designed for faces and six just musical sequences. When I hook my controllers to the the faces, the faces act as a test for all the musical sequences. Basically I have used the faces for testing all twelve sequences. Next step is to have faces working only with face musical sequences and the others for using for the other lights for the house. I have 32 channels for the faces and 16 channels
  10. I started at the top row of the face sequence. When I highlight the top left row of the sequence all it does is highlight the row. It does not move the row to the right. The grid does not move. UGH!!! It should be something simple to do but never is. The face sequences where actually purchased from Holiday Coro not LOR. I purchased White Christmas from the DOO WHOP Album, Let it Snow sung by Lady Antebellum and Christmas Don't be late sung by the Chipmunks. Each song is 16 channels and works great. You asked if I just plugged my faces to test lights. That's apparently what I did. Now I jus
  11. ok I'll try later Tonight thanks
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Its good to know there are folks out to help...
  13. i dont believe I can. Got them from LOR and Holiday Coro
  14. in what editor do I do that?
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