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  1. I just updated to the 5.5.0 version and i do see all of the new changes as well as the strobing at 1/2 and 3/4 speed playback. I'm also having an issue with the grid view of the sequencer. it changes color as i scroll through a sequence and will change colors as i'm programming. very annoying. sometimes one color for all grids and sometimes multiple colors across the board. Is this a fix or is it me?
  2. Hey JR. I'll take this is you can send. Also, thanks for hosting the classes on saturdays. i attended last week. About ready to work on my mid show presentations. iamboody@gmail.com
  3. Hey James. If you still able to share, I would LOVE a copy for the Prospect Light show. iamboody@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. I would love to learn!!! Please include me in the class on July 11 at 6 CST. iamboody@gmail.com
  5. Thanks for the info. I will delete all these Archived props from the musical sequences and see what happens. Right after i back these up of course!!! Update: i have deleted all the archived channels off of each song but i think these commands taken from the control panel while running a show might have been the culprit? the radio signs when off when these commands happened and came back on shortly. the second run through the show was uneventful so i think this may be the cause. Thanks for your help! 1:41:54 PM: Created playback file because it did not exist 1:41:54 PM: Lo
  6. Ok, here is one that the LOR Help Desk is puzzled over. I have my show all set up with the following sequences included on the show itself: Background (Animation), Start up, Musical and Shut down. When i start the show, my Background sequence starts just fine. When the musical section starts, my background sequences goes off then comes back on in probably 20-30 seconds. I am running the Advanced level so i have access to the background in the show editor. When I'm running a show, the background sequence shows as active in the Control Panel. Another twist...this year i upgraded to the S5 from t
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