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  1. Once again,anybody have any mardis gras sequences? Since COVID19 is killing most of the parades in Mobile, I thought I would see if anybody has done any. Running 16 to 32 channels plus 2 sets of pixie 2 CCR Bulbs on roof line. I am madly trying to get some done now. My first year with RGB pixels and its tough. I also have to give a shout out to JR Dibble for his helping me thru the madness of trying to get my Christmas converted to support the CCR2s. I know I drove him nuts but with questions, texts, & phone calls. Thanks JR!
  2. I would like to use some of my CCRII bulbs for part of may static display and everything I read indicates that they can be used with stand alone sequences, but I can find out how to do it. I have talked with a few knowledgeable users but they don't know either. If I could get them to just run the color sequences like in test mode that would be perfect. Any hep appreciated. And, yes, after an hour of searching the forum I cant find anything. Leland
  3. I use the CCR II bulbs for roof lines. There are a whole lot more options for holding them on, unless you want a pernament mount.
  4. 45 seconds to enter, fill my cart and get to payment page, enter payment info and it locked up...damn. had to recycle 4 times and by then all the sing trees were gone.... how in seconds to get payment processed....? I wacthed the buttons for carts pop up on each page.... unreal
  5. Anybody have Auld Lang Syne or other new years songs?
  6. Oooo. great one! I'd like a copy please. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  7. James, I'll take a copy. thanks in advance. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  8. Hey, James! I'd like a copy please. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  9. Anybody have Auld Lang Syne sequenced for sharing. No pixels and 32 channels but I can use anything. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  10. I would like copy James. Thanks and Happy New Years! tharkun@bellsouth.net
  11. I'll take a copy please1 Thanks. tharkun@bellsouth.net
  12. James, Can you share this please. I seemed to have lost the file. Thanks much! tharkun@bellsouth.net
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