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  1. I’m seeing the same issue on my system. Uninstalled and used the wipe utility several times and it’s still not working.
  2. Thanks for the response. Tried everything above and still running into delays and errors. Just downgraded and now I’m going thru to fix all the SS effects.
  3. Figured out it's an issue with 5.3.10 and the playback creation. I can't get S5 to create the playback files for all of my sequences. I've tried playing back in the shows on demand but that seems to be hit and miss. Anyone have a best practice?
  4. Ran my first schedule for this season tonight and ran into all types of issues. First one I ran worked with most of the e1.31 items but nothing played back on the lor network. Stopped everything and tried a show on demand. First song was fine but the second one was full of errors as well. I tried switching comm ports and lor adapters and it’s still having issues. Weird thing is the sequences all seem to run perfectly in SE (once they finally load).
  5. There are inflatable covers which normally run $200 or less. They do protect the entire mover against rain but snow would probably be an issue. Depending on the size of your movers, sites like 1000bulbs make large, clear acrylic globes that could help you build your own. You'd just need to solve for mounting and ventilation.
  6. I have two 280 watt beams on the side of the house and two 350 watt beams behind the house and you can clearly see them even during lower humidity nights here in SoCal. Bulb wattage is only part of the equation when it comes to lumen output but that should give you an idea of what you may need. I’d share a video but I have yet to figure out a way to capture how bright the beams actually look live without blowing out the lights on my home.
  7. Programming moving heads in LOR could definitely use some improvement. In S5 you add a DMX prop in your preview design with all the required channels and then append that prop to your timeline. From there you adjust your intensity levels for pan, tilt, color, etc. Since there’s no sliders or even a prop preview, you’ll need to know your intensity settings prior to adding them to your timeline. I have an external DMX controller that I use the figure out light position (straight up, panned left & up, straight ahead) and record those numbers on paper. I then reference that paper while I program. If you don’t want to purchase a separate controller, you can use the LOR hardware configurator to control the movers as well.
  8. I’ve been using moving lights in my shows for the past three years I wanted the full beam experience coming from behind the home so that means higher watts. 280 willl be visible probably want at least 350. Usedlighting.com can get you some really great prices if you check often. It was still an investment but I still get the biggest smiles when those lights pop on. As as was stated earlier programming is tedious. Some channels like shutter and focus can be set the same for the entire show but pan and tilt are often changing in small degrees and can be difficult to see in the layout. Fill is definitely your friend. Something that has worked well for me is figuring out certain spots (panned left, straight up, etc) using a basic dmx controller, recording that info and then dropping that into LOR.
  9. That was it! Changing the start left/right didn’t do anything but flipping the strand in the preview fixed my issue. Thanks for all the help.
  10. My controller sits in between that first and second string which is why the first is flipped to left while everything else is right. My second story is similar except the 4th strip is right and everything else is left. That second story works fine. I’ve tried flipping the starting point of my problematic strip left and right and it doesn’t change the direction whether I use it in a group or by itself.
  11. Here’s the animation. The problem strip is named bottom roof 1DMX2. Everything plus fine in the preview but is backwards when played live. test21.loredit
  12. I’m having an issue with one RGB strip and the starting pixel. It is configured to start at the left but it acts like the first pixel is on that right. I’ve tried switching the starting pixel and I’ve even created new animations to test out the direction and it’s still flipped. I’ve verified the strip connector is installed on the correct side and everything else is seems to be working correctly. Currently running 5.2.
  13. Colorwash effects worked fine but effects like spiral were not. I tried replicating the issue over the past two days and now it seems to be working. The only thing I’ve done since was play a show and turn off control lights in the sequencer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it was a random fluke. I did notice another odd issue during a show tonight. During one sequence, all my led strips were not displaying the first and last pixel but during another sequence those pixels seemed fine. It appears to happen more often on one particular sequence in the show.
  14. It doesn’t. It acts as if the effect hasn’t been applied.
  15. Trying to add some changes to my Halloween sequences. Any existing motion effects display fine in the preview but if I delete those and add another effect, I get a grey fill in the timeline and the effects don’t seem to apply. Simple color on changes work fine. Did I accidentally turn something off?
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