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    Lecanto, Florida (Citrus County)
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    Online decal business owner

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    Holiday displays! It doesn't matter if it is Halloween, Christmas or Fourth of July. It's all about the smiles and happy faces. I am a self proclaimed holiday nerd :)
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    Christmas and Halloween but we light RGB floods up most major holidays #lightuptheholidays

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This is my second account I forgot the login to my account I created back in 2015. Please do not ask me to share files that others have sent me. contact that person directly if you want to use their files. I do not share other people's work. It all boils down to a matter of respect for the person that created the file. Contact them directly.

I have been lighting up the holidays for about 25 years. It all started with a few strands of lights when I was 15. Over the years I have continued to decorate for holidays. In 2010 I started all over again and have amassed a total of over 50,000 LED lights now. The history of me getting here was watching videos back in 2010 with singing pumpkin faces and saying I really want to do that. It took a few years but I ended up getting there. 2015 was my final year with a mr. Christmas lights and sound.

Upgraded to LOR in 2016 from a Mr Christmas lights and sound. Started off with the showtime plug n play system and a 16 channel controller. In 2017 i went up to 64 channels between two houses using the wireless easy light linkers. I had three controllers on my house and One controller on my neighbors across the street. In 2018 we started upgrading to RGB floods and RGB dumb nodes for Halloween props and mini trees. The addiction has only just begun.... 

Currently our Channel count for 2020 will be 1536 channels including pixel and RGB. To celebrate 25 years of Christmas and Halloween decorating I got a tattoo Memorial Day weekend 2017  I will continue to light up the holidays until I simply can't no more. A special thank you to all those who answered my questions and got me into this Hobby and continue to help me grow and learn more.



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