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  1. 2020 The year lol... For me the biggest obstacle was health and depression which seemed to take its toll on everyone worldwide this year. Had a few setbacks this year between the job going bye bye in March, trying to get my decal business back up only to have 2 great months, then literally falling apart with the economy, getting rear ended in an accident that jacked up my neck and back but then had an mri done due to the accident which found a huge growth of about 2" in my throat. Possible cancel so yeah 2020 can g2h..... I'm learning I am not in my 20's anymore and need to take better care of
  2. I ended up getting a Kingston React 32gb class 10 pro grade sd card. Seems all my problems are now solved. So very odd though as the other cards seemed to glitch up. One thing I did try differently is I used a different writer usb. Perhaps the one lor sent me was defective. Because now I am having no more problems. So Im not sure if it was the cards or the reader but there is no more lag in my show. I have ordered an additional React sd card as well as a backup. One thing I have learned is to buy directly from Kingston or through links on kingstons site. The ones are amazon are not always what
  3. What Mr P. said is 100% correct. You need a pro level license for a pixie 16... Your basic license only allows 4 ac controllers. Your pixie16 counts as technically 16 since it uses 16 unit id's (one for each port/strip) Upgrade the license then read the manual on the pixie. They recommend you give it a much higher unit id number. Do not start at unit id 1.
  4. By chance have you checked the se to see what unit id you have the cmb set at? Also have you checked the dip switches to ensure it is the correct unit id on the cmb board? I found that to be my issue as I forgot to change the dip switches to the proper unit id after my Halloween show. Just a thought maybe it is set incorrectly for the unit id in your actual channel config. Just curious if you can post a picture of the dip switches on your board.
  5. So I am using S4 software version 4.4.6 but I have noticed a bit of confusing details regarding sd cards. The manual as someone pointed out states up to 8gb sd card towards the end of the manual. However I have been using 16 gb cards for the last 3 years without issue including last year which was my first year using the g3 director. Before that was the mini director... . This year it seems to be hit or miss when I write an sd card and the same card will bring different results each time I write to sd card and the only thing that changed this year was I added a pixel tree. Every time I write
  6. The 8gb are the ones that had serious lag. The 16 and 32 I bought seem to work great. But only on two songs the pixel tree lags. I'm going to try to look into the firmware and see what it shows that might very well be a problem. None of my controllers or anything has ever been updated on firmware. I was under the idea of if it ain't broke don't fix it. I will check back on that shortly.
  7. I have never run it from the actual computer. Other than to just test channels in the hardware utility. I do have the red dongle however. Do I need to change any settings in the computer to run a test of the pixel tree through the red dongle? I would assume I just have to adjust the network speed in the lor utility on the computer itself and run it directly from the sequence editor is that correct?
  8. A BUNCH of details here crammed into one post but all are related to the mp3 director... I have been searching this morning but have not been able to find anything regarding the actual read speeds for sd cards on the G3 mp3 director. Curious what the director is capable of for read speeds. I have 2 kingston select 32gb sd cards that just cant seem to keep up. I also had a Kingston 16gb from last year that I tried and it was worse! Songs are lagging at fast parts on the pixel tree. Now keep in mind I only have a 16x50 pixel tree and it is running on 500k aux A enhanced.. I have been having trou
  9. By chance are you using spt wire? Just curious if a male or female plug was put on incorrectly (backwards). Not sure if that would do it but It's normally the first step in a process of elimination when I have any issues. But personally have not come across that before..
  10. Not to hijack this post but I've read up a little bit on snubbers and have a question. I just picked up two gin to controllers and have noticed six of the channels are not fading properly compared to my G3 controllers. Some people use old night lights for snubbers and some people say you can use a Glade plugin for the older controllers to help with the dimming of LED. but I haven't seen anything on where exactly to place it. do you place the Glade plugin or night light after the string of lights on the spot wire with a vampire plug or if you're using a Glade plugin do you use it at the end of
  11. At Cracker Barrel now in Ocala. Will be there hopefully around 5pm today. Just spending time with the wife and M.I.L. Thanks
  12. Ok kool... I thought it was just me. It's been driving me nuts for the past month lol. Kind of hard to keep zooming in on the mobile but oh well. it'll get fixed eventually (I hope)
  13. I might be interested in one. I have a 16 channel g3 controller that has problems with a data port and it seems to be causing conflicts. I just got all set up last night over here in Lecanto and I'm running into problems with one of the controllers where channels are staying on when they shouldn't be. But then as soon as it comes on in another part of the sequence they turn back off. but then it happens again and it's not always the same channels where it turns on and freezes. This leads me to think it's a data problem. It's happening on multiple sequences and I've already checked everything
  14. I have noticed I always have to click desktop view on google on my phone lately. When you try to tap the lines for tabs on the top right, it opens up with a white x and does not show any of the tab selections and no drop down menu. Just a white circle with an x in it. The only way around it is to click the three dots up top and select desktop view. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I'm on a Samsung note 9 but no other website seems to do this for me. I couldn't find a way to report a website error. I looked but the only option was to open a help desk ticket I figured may
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