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  1. Here is a very detailed 5 part video that was very well done on this subject matter!!!
  2. Not sure what California has to do with my display in Houston, TX but okay, thanks for sharing!!
  3. If you're smart, you could actually program a self sequencer for pyro then plug it into a LOR channel and have it timed to that channel. I have several firing systems so LOR not needed for that purpose.
  4. I actually could of had it programmed through LOR, but in this case it was done by a wireless remote firing system.
  5. I've always liked using live versions of TSO. Here is Wish Lizt, some of these parts were very difficult to choreograph. ENJOY!!
  6. Went a little happy on the pyro, the night I filmed this!! Those new cones were a little more potent than I thought!!
  7. http://www1.lightorama.com/contest-winners-christmas-2017
  8. I just want to thank LOR and everyone that takes the time to post and help others on here. All throughout this year I've run into different and even some really weird issues and all I had to do was type in a few keywords and whala!! Step by step instructions on how to fix my issues!! Thank you again everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY LIGHTING!!!
  9. So I just wanted everyone to know, on lengthy 3 wire runs for your strips, stick with 18ga min!! I bought some 22ga 3 wire because it's easier to maneuver and easier to handle....big mistake!! I ended up having to run a separate line for data with all the wires twisted together!! Not sure if it was just a bad roll or what, but the same exact brand in 18GA worked great!! The good news is everything is working now and my LOR display looks kick a$$!! Cant wait to share the video!!
  10. Okay so I have built my mega tree...15 ft high, 12 PVC pipes coming down from the top in a 180 degree set. SO here is my ?. When I zip tie my RGB strips onto the PVC should I face all the strips straight out, or face them all going toward the street?? Hard to tell how most people are setting them up as there are no daytime videos that I have seen that covers this specific topic, thanks for any input!!
  11. You can also buy all white NON LEDs and put color lenses on them. I do this only when I can't find color non led bulbs. I feel your pain on the timing. I spent quite a bit of money on 20 color LED flood lights and had to work really hard to get the timing to match due to the delay. Like someone else said, Lowes will put some out soon. I plan to stock up as I'm afraid LED will take over soon.
  12. What happened to my video?? 003 under "Hebert" now its gone!!!??
  13. Not sure where to post, but LOR posted 2017 videos!! Mine is the 2nd video on the 1st page!!! ENJOY!!!
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