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  1. Hi everyone,. This year I added a 800 pixel tree to my display of incans and led lights. I was wondering if anyone has used the auto sequencer in superstar to program pixels. If so how did they turn out? Do you have any videos? I would love to do my own but am going to run short on time. Go figure. Also if I can do this can I just add on to my existing lor sequences? Thanks, Dave
  2. Hi folks, I live in south jersey ( Somers Point ) and was wondering if there are any lighting groups or clubs down here where people get together to share ideas.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a set of dumb rgbs 8 strings I'm looking for ideas on what to do with them. If anyone has used these in your display please let me know how. Thanks
  4. Will do....Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.
  5. Sorry for reposting that I'll see how it goes in the morning...thanks
  6. Thanks again so if the dip switch is set to 9 on the board?
  7. Ok so I am using the cmb24 with 8 strips of 12v strips and a 12v power supply how do I go about setting up the channels?
  8. Hi I was wondering if I need a certain software to program and run dumb rgb strips? Do I just daisy chain the dumb controller to my ctb16 ? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, Im a newbie, first animated show in 2016. I was wondering if there are any Christmas light clubs or groups in the south jersey area? I would like to get a chance to pick somebody's brain about this great hobby. Im in Somers Point and have talked to a few local people and would like to meet others.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I want to hook everything up and see how it's gonna mesh together.
  11. So two separate dongles coming out of my computer or 2 networks setup in xlights or lor or wherever I do my programming from? My lor controllers would be daisy chained on one and the pixels on another?
  12. Hi everyone, last year I had a 16 channel lor show. This year I am planning on 32 channel incans 8 strand dumb mega tree using lor dumb strips and controller and a 16 string 180 rgb not lor megatree using a falcon controller. Any ideas what else I'm gonna need in order to get this to all work in sync? Thanks, dave
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