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  1. As I am debating buying these at the spring sale,

    I decided to submit a ticket and thought I would post the response, 


    You would need to power the directors using a power supply ( small one that normally plugs into the wall )... Then the ELLs would be powered via the RJ45(Cat5) port of the directors. When linking multiple directors the primary network (network 1) is used exclusively to keep the directors in sync and is not available for "regular" data.


  2. 3 hours ago, dibblejr said:

    Its easy and many of us can help you out when you get there.

    Are you running AC or RGB. Since you are discussing ELL's I am thinking you are talking AC controllers.


    I am running both, I am running AC on one side of the street, and adding Pixels on the other side of the street, thus the need for wireless.  Wireless just runs the AC.. In the future I want to run pixels on both sides and thus I am looking for options such as the Pixielink, or maybe just getting some E1.31 controllers to use with wifi.  Just need to take the time to learn this new level, I was happy with the simple AC controllers until now lol.

  3. 4 hours ago, k6ccc said:

    Other option if you are using E1.31 is to use a WiFi link.  Then at the far end, use a WiFi device set up as a bridge and either connect to one or more E1.31 controllers or use the new PixieLink to convert to drive Pixie controllers.

    If you go this route DO NOT USE your existing home WiFi - unless you want your show to crash when your kid surfs YouTube or someone does a large file transfer.  Set up a separate WiFi.


    I guess I need to learn how to setup a e1.31 device in LOR, this sounds like it will be cheaper, I am a bit concerned on range for the wifi though.  This is going across the street.

  4. My goal is to have a Wireless pixel controller network, LOR says that one way to to that is using 2-G4 directors, using the "Director Link" and 2 ELLs to link them together.

    My questions are?

    It says that Network 1 can only be used for linking the directors when in this mode, Does this mean a G4 director will power the ELL

    -If not how do you power them for the wireless director link to work?

    Has anyone that has done this and want to give me any tips?


    I want to verify how it works before I spend the $$ for 2 G4s

  5. 13 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

    There is absolutely no reason to pi 100 pixels on a pixie16 .


    He was at 150 pixels on a Pixie 2,  I am getting into Pixie controllers for the first time, and trying to research what is required for power injection if you max out the 200 pixels per channel. Maybe you have a good reference for me?

  6. On 1/30/2021 at 6:08 PM, bmtouhey said:


    I was able to run 150 pixels on 1 port of a pixie 2.  I did not try any more than that.   I ran 3, 50 pixel trees on each port for a total of 6, 50 pixel trees off of 1 pixie 2.  One pixie 2 was running 300 pixels for me.  i did this on 2 pixie 2's for a total of 12 50 pixel trees.  I removed the same jumper as on the pixie 8 and pixie 16 to be able to run more than 100 pixels on the pixie 2.  I think it was JP5.



    Hey Brian did you do power injection with that?  after 100 pixels or did it handle them all?

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