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  1. 10/4 Duck man , advice was we received .... saved myself a few bucks putting those timers back on the shelf 😃. Happy New Year !!
  2. Thats what i kind of figured .... last year and this year i left them on 24/7 . i thought adding timers wouldn't hurt but ..... thanks for the info ......i hope your Christmas was blessed and the New Year brings you happiness and fortunes
  3. Just a question about the power going to (120v) to CTB16Cg3 ...... Can i put timers on the power to the control boxes ?...... or have power to control boxes 24/7 for the duration of the Christmas season ?? Seems it would be fine either way ......
  4. I'm just curious as to what kind of LED flood lights work best with Christmas shows ?? Dimmable , Brand or strobe spot ?? Any help would be appreciated bigly
  5. I would love to have some copies ..... Kids would love it , being we are Disney freaks yemik@charter.net . Thanks
  6. Thanks everybody for the pep talks and advise , if for any reason somebody needs some help ( the little I could give) contact me at yemik@charter.net . .........
  7. This is my 2nd year of Christmas light display , and i must say its very humbling. I started with a few 32 channel sequences (i use WOW lights set up for 32 channels)bought from WOW lights sequence store. I'm upgrading to 64 channels , it was easy going from 32 to 64 channels on the sequences i had bought. I'm planning on using the WOW lights set up for 64 channels , and i must say its harder than first thought to write new songs for the fast approching Christmas season. I was wondering if anybody has the same set up as me if they wouldn't mind sharing a few 64 channel sequences ........... An
  8. Well ..... Thanks everybody for the inside scoop. It was appreciated..... Well let's get grinding. ?
  9. Male vampire plugs will not plug into female led light string ends. Is there a way around this ??? Why would this be like this ? My research has some people cutting down the big side , any wisdom on this would appreciated
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