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  1. Hello all, I am in search of the CCR Mega tree and matrix for Spooky Scary Skeletons. dhollida55@gmail.com Thank you in advance Dennis
  2. Hello James, Can I get a copy? dhollida55@gmail.com Thank you, Dennis
  3. Hello there, Does anyone have the matrix and CCR tree matrix from Superstar Thank you, Dennis H dhollida55@gmail.com
  4. Yep since I'm adding more RGB elements to my display this year I was planning on rewriting my sequences with the exception of my AC Singing Faces elements and my 12 Ribbon CCR sequences. So it looks like I'll be going the same route as you. Now I just have to figure out how to migrate/map my AC Singing Faces to Xlights.
  5. Ok so you went the mapping route. Thank you for the response. The main reason for my switching over to the FPP over a PI is not have to run my show from a computer. I spoke with LOR about trying to use the LOR Mini Director but they said that I couldn't use that in my environment. Since all of my sequences are still in S4 format I'll stay with that instead of switching over to S5.
  6. This year I am planning on running my show on a PI running the Falcon Player. Do you have to convert your LOR sequences to Xlights to run them on the FPP? Which version of LOR are you using, S4 or S5? As I'm still very early in the process so I will more than likely have more questions. I hope you don't mind Dennis
  7. Yes Matt, that does help. But I'm running into some other issues in trying to find the features in S5. I've been going through Tutorials put on by Listen To Our Lights. https://sites.google.com/site/listentoourlights/home/how-to/howto-sequencing. I've found these are very good tutorials but they were done in much earlier versions of the Sequencer. For instance I'm trying to add a new track. In the older version you could see the button for it. In S5 it doesn't seem to appear anywhere on the screen. When I consult Help it mentions a track button. I remember seeing that button in S4 but I can't seem to find it anywhere on S5. It doesn't seem as though what is in Help doesn't match what is on the Sequencer screen.
  8. Does the S5 Sequence Editor still have the Shimmer and Sparkle buttons? If so how do I set the Sequence Editor to view them?
  9. Yes all of the 4 props I've been experimenting with have the word "star" in them. For my HolidayCoro star I followed their constructing and configuring the star in S5. If you would like a copy of the instructions then reply to my email address, dhollida55@gmail.com. I will send you the instructions, the audio file and the sup file for the song I'm been experimenting with. That way we'll both be on the same page. Dennis
  10. Yes, in fact I'm going to send you the preview also. The preview has four different sets of props; 1. - Superstar, 2- HolidayCoro CCR Tree and Star(270 nodes), 3. K6ccc - pixel star, and 4. Boscoyo 36" ChromaStar. Boscoyo ChromaStar 36 6 ring.lpeprop Boscoyo ChromaStar 36 6 ring.lpeprop HolidayCoro CCR Tree with 6 Row Star.lpeprop Pixel Star.lpeprop Somebodys Watching Me Preview.lorprev
  11. Thank you for your response Brian, I followed your steps using K6ccc's pixel star and unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I also imported the 12 Ribbon CCR tree and star from Superstar. I followed the steps to insert my Superstar sequence into the default configuration and it seems to work fine. Then I converted the prop to match my configuration which again is a 12 ribbon CCR tree and an RGB 270 node 6 row star. The ribbons seem to work ok but the star doesn't. I'm not sure if it has an impact but I'm not using LOR controllers. I am using equipment which I purchased in a package from HolidayCoro. So to run my 12 CCR tree I'm using an Alphapix 16 controller. Each of the 12 ribbons are in their own universe 1 thru 12. The 270 node RGB star is run on an Alphapix 4 controller. The star is configured from the inside out. So the innermost star is Row 1, 2nd next star is Row 2, etc. The star is configured as follows. Row 1, which is 20 nodes and maps to Universe 13, channels 1 thru 60. Row 2 is 30 nodes and maps to Universe 13, channels 61 thru 150. Row 3 is 40 nodes and maps to Universe 13, channels 151 thru 270. Row 4 is 50 nodes and maps to Universe 14, channels 1 thru 150. Row 5 is 60 nodes and maps to Universe 14, channels 151 thru 330. Row 6 is 70 nodes and maps to Universe 15, channels 1 thru 210. I am contacting K6ccc to see if we can't put our heads together and try to figure this out.
  12. This year I thought I would try S5 because I'm incorporating more RGB props and I like what I see in S5. Unfortunately I'm running into some problems trying to insert a purchase Superstar sequence. In my display I have a 12 CCR ribbon tree with a 270 node RGB star. I also have purchased sequences that I'm trying to incorporate into my sequence. Most of these sequences were programmed on a 12 ribbon tree and a 6 channel star. I followed the tutorials for Inserting a Superstar sequence into a sequence. In the tutorial it shows that you can import a 12 ribbon CCR tree with a 6 channel star. Unfortunately Superstar doesn't seem to have a prop that matches my configuration. I tried to insert the sequence using the Superstar prop, CCR Tree - 12 strings with 6 channel star, in it's current configuration. But because the 6 channel star is configured for traditional lights it won't control my star. So I tried to reconfigure the star and make it an RGB star the sequence wouldn't run in Superstar. In another effort I inserted the prop but deleted the 6 channel star and it ran fine. In S4 I was able to cut and paste the row of the traditional star into my RGB rows using Multiple Paste feature. However, I did that using the S4 Sequencer and not the S4 Pixel editor. So what I'm looking for is a way to insert my purchased Superstar sequences into my sequence that matches my configuration. Is there a way to configure the 270 node 6 row star to make it look like the 6 channel star so that I can cut and paste from the 6 channel star into my 6 row RGB star?
  13. Thank you JR, My email address is dhollida55@gmail.com. If you send me an email I'll be happy to give you my cell number. Also I was wondering if you might have the CCR and Matrix version of the song, Somebody' Watching Me, by Rockwell?
  14. Thank you all for the responses, Matt, For S5 I didn't use the clipboard files from S4. I tried to use the clipboard files created by the Papagayo to LOR program as input to S5. I would be happy to provide you with the clipboard file created by Papagayo. JR, Do you have a tutorial, or documentation for your method to program singing faces? ItsMeBobO, I appreciate the offer. I have been using Papagayo for the last couple of years. Ever since I learned about it at the 2017 Christmas Expo. Do you have a version of Papagayo that works with S5? As an update to all. I created the singing monster faces for Somebody's Watching Me in S4 and then migrated that to S5. It was a little crude as I had to use the two computers, one for S4 and the other for S5. I also created the .lee file for the HolidayCoro Monster faces in S4. I also created the Preview for the same faces in S5. Thank you all again for your feedback, Dennis
  15. Hello there, I have the Singing Monster Faces from HolidayCoro for incandescent lights. To program the Singing Faces in S4 using Papagayo. The process I used was to program a portion of the song using Papagayo. Then I exported that segment which created a .dat file. Then I used Papagayo to LOR to Import the .dat file. Next I used Papagayo to LOR to generate an LOR clipboard file. In LOR S4 I selected the clipboard file and then pasted that into my sequence. This process worked great in S4 but when I try to use the same process in S5 it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone been able to successfully sequence a singing face in S5 using Papagayo? I did migrate one of my S4 sequences to S5 and that seemed to work fine. So I'm thinking that one way to solve the problem is to create the singing face sequence in S4 and then migrate it to S5. But that would mean I'd have to use 2 separate computers, one for S4 and the other for S5. Or find a way to run both S4 and S5 on the same computer. Any other ideas? Thank you, Dennis
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