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  1. That is my next adventure. Have S5 but use S4 as I am familiar with it. Will take time but want to get my P5 up and running first. John
  2. OK, everyone, Watched the PE from LOR. It was BORING but good info on the steps and took you through most of the effects. I now have my first PE demo. Tomorrow is connecting the P5 Panels, power supply, and unzipping the FP on the PI. Will let you know if it works! John
  3. Pedro, Thank you for the info!! I finally found a video on the Pixel Editor I was looking for and it seems to be working out for getting text to show up on the P5 panels. It was in the LOR website help area in videos all along. The problem was the video is over an hour long and was impatient. The video 10 minutes in finally got to what was needed, now being informed on Pixel editor, I can see why S5 is becoming popular. I do not have a lot of time to devout to the hobby so I try to get tips from this forum to make it easier John
  4. Thank you!!! Going to try the Pi first and then will go to the BBB if the pi does not work. Still learning S4 and looking forward to learning the S5. John
  5. WOW, we are going to mesh networks and just started to work on getting them started. John
  6. OK, I am a ground radio guy from the Air Force (retired but soon to be retired from civilian service) so what has me intrigued is using the pi for ham uses. Can you expand on it?? Thanks for the encouragement! John
  7. Thank you Jim, This makes a lot more sense. Had Phil Massey email me on the S4 pixel Editor explanation. Boy, have I been living under a rock! Been using S4 sequencer and never thought about using the pixel editor since most of my display is pixels..... I think I have the flow correct now and will try to update you on the results in the next week or 2. Researched the Beaglebone and scroller a while ago but ended up choosing the Pi and corresponding pi hat instead. May have to scrap the pi and go with your recommendations if it does not do what I want it to do. Thank you for the In
  8. Hi BluMan, Not sure but that is a good question. The place where I am purchasing them at is 1/8 here is the website. https://www.wiredwatts.com/pnp5o I watch Canispater Christmas at this link This is also where I got the P5 Panels from. John
  9. Thanks Caniac!!!! I agree with the magic smoke release. Most of my show runs on 5v but have 2 props that run 12v pixels and 1 with AC so that is one precaution I take. Will look at the FP facebook group to see where that leads to. Since I am an LOR software user, I come to the forum to seek guidance on something like this. I do use the Xlights YouTube channels for ideas and like their lectures on different subjects especially when it comes to comparing what Xlights does versus LOR in their Australian accents. And yes, I use the LOR as well as other LOR software users YouTube channels to
  10. Thank you Caniac! I had already purchased the Pi 4 last April and hopes of understanding the mini computer with Linux. This project came along and seemed to make the most sense for the Pi use and have a pi hat with GPIO connections for the panels. If you are saying the ColorLight will help with the color, then it is an option. The matrix I will be running is 128 by 64 with four P5 panels maybe a 2' X 1' size total and will be about 30' from the side of the road for easy viewing distance. I do have S5 but run S4 for my display. Tried S5 and have not transferred my show yet as this is
  11. Hi Jim, Thank you for the quick response!! I watched Cannispater Christmas YouTube video on this subject yesterday and it seems his setup of 128 X 64 matrix of four P5 64 X 32 panels should do the trick. Anything bigger would be too much. The directions he goes thru seems easy enough. So is the Raspberry Pi good enough for it? This is the 4 W (wireless) Zero which if I am not mistaken has 4 Gb of ram on board and have the GPIO hat that goes with it for the panels. I have downloaded the newest version of Falcon Player (version 4?) and have not unzip the file on the Raspberry Pi yet d
  12. Hi Jim!! Really like the information on this as I am trying to setup something similar like this. I found a project on Instructables DIY website that uses a Raspberry Pi 4W zero with a GPIO hat to go to the P5 Panels. What my use for them is to have a running display such as showtimes with a little flair on the P5 panels . The problem is I am not familiar with the Falcon Player or XLights and not sure I want to invest the time to do so. My show is setup using the S4 (I have S5 installed) and comfortable with the software. This makes sense to me to use the Raspberry pi 4 W zero with
  13. I tried the S5 but like you said it was a huge learning curve. I reinstalled S4 and have work this years show on it. Not sure why my Director will not play and all indications are it works. SD cards did program with HUB but think it may be a firmware update on MP3 director to show software from the HUB
  14. I use S4 but I did not know there was a version of the HUB. It came up as new software when I started the simple showtime. Weird..... John
  15. JayStang, Having something similar but MP3 Director will not play the sequence. Had HUB quit on me a couple of times right in the middle of selecting my sequences. Going to work on the older scheduler I have saved to see if it is the HUB software . John
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