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  1. Howdy James, Could i get a copy please. n1vap@charter.net Thank you
  2. would love a copy if possible. n1vap@charter.net Thank you
  3. would love to have a copy if you are still sharing. n1vap@charter.net Thank you
  4. could i get a copy of the pixel sequence please. Thank you n1vap@charter.net
  5. That is awesome...nice work. I would love a copy. Thank You, Stan n1vap@charter.net
  6. oooh love this song...could i get a copy too please Thank you n1vap@charter.net
  7. Would love a copy of this as well. \Thank you n1vap@charter.net
  8. I would like a copy as well. Thank you n1vap@charter.net
  9. Howdy James, might I be able to get a copy of Ghostbuster pixel Sequence? That would probably allow me to finalize my Halloween display. I jumped into this hobby only a couple moths ago not realizing just how much work sequencing lights and music really is. And Christmas is right around the corner. Should have started small...lol. If you feel the inclination to do a pixel sequence for Miss Murder that would be awesome, It would go nicely with JR's faces sequence. Thank you, Stan n1vap@charter.net
  10. Many thanks to JR and James...Your sequences are absolutely superb. Far batter than any sequences I have purchased.
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