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  1. Up for sale..2xCtbpc V-1 controllers $100 each+shipping (paypal send as friends and family}
  2. Anyone sequence this thats willing to share.All a/c channels here. mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  3. would like to have a copy of this as well if still sharing mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  4. Has anyone sequenced the singing tree quartet to this thats willing to share? mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  5. Anyone doing any dubstep Christmas songs this year and willing to share? I have all ac led lights 128 channels.Would greatly appreciate.mohorcicjeffery@gmail.com
  6. Anyone doing any dubstep Christmas songs this year and willing to share?
  7. both ac. both lights were on.and like I said in HU the lights came on for both but only for 9 when I ran a sequence
  8. Just to clarify unit 10 faces not coming on at all when I play a sequence
  9. Completely freaking out!!!!!!! A little bit ago I hooked up my controllers for my singing trees.Went to HU to test.Unit 9 both faces on.Unit 10 both faces on.And now for the part that has me stumped.When I play a sequence only the faces for unit 9 sing. HELP PLEASE
  10. Does anyone have any of the led strobes they are looking to sell?Please let me know.Thanks
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