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  1. That was it! Thanks Matt, must have glossed over that in the instructions!
  2. Just starting to work with PE and think maybe have problem with program. Wanted to see what everyone thinks. When I open PE, I can open a SE file, however it shows no cells below the waveform, and will not let me do anything in that area. Also when I open the effect generator, both the left and right side effects boxes are dimmed out, and will not let me open them. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to reinstall LOR? Using 4.2.12 Pro version.
  3. That is what I had to do, three times to download and re-install. Finally everything is working again. Thank you.
  4. For some reason, the comm listener will not open. Couple of days ago, everything worked fine. When I try to open the listener, the DOS box (don't know what it's called, but that is what it looks like) flashes on screen and disappears. At the same time the CL icon flashes on the tray and then it disappears. Any ideas as to what I can do to fix this? Am running S4.2.12 Pro level.
  5. I have found the problem. I did not think it was a software problem so I kept looking at my system. I found an I/O error on my external hard drive which was causing the problem. Still do not understand how, but the sequence editor is now working properly. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. I had taken the last year and half off from doing shows, and now am ready to get started again. I opened the sequence editor (ver 3.5 advanced), the main screen opened but nothing else did. I am using Win XP, and that little blue circle was just going around and around. Finally it said it was not responding. Had to go to task manager to close program. Happened every time I tried to open the editor. Thought I needed to reload the software, so I also upgraded to Ver 3.11.2. Downloaded the software, installed it with no problem. However this version is doing the same thing. Only the initial main
  7. Jay Czerwinski wrote: ROFLMAO Things always look better with alcohol!
  8. Why use a LOR controller to control RGB? You will only end up with 5 RGB channels. Buy another USB485 from LOR, add this as a DMX universe, and you have effectively added 512 channels, giving you 170 RGB channels. And leaving your LOR controllers alone!
  9. dariansdad wrote: Okay, I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that when you refer to Controller in the above, that you are referring to a LOR controller. If that is the case, than no, a RGB channel does not take away any channels on the LOR controller. You must add a DMX interface (Enttec Pro or Open, another USB485, or any of many others) to control RGB, and this interface effectively adds 512 channels, of which one RGB channel takes up 3, 1 each for red, blue, and green. Hope I have not confused you too much.
  10. Paul Roberson wrote: This was the problem Paul! When I plugged in a USB 485, then started S3, the control lights option was checked, and it stays checked now! Thanks!
  11. I am playing with RGB. I am only outputting onto an Enttec pro with no LOR controllers hooked up. I am getting the correct colors, and all commands, ie fades, blends, etc., are working correctly on the RGB ribbon. The issue I am having is: when I hit the play button, I then have to go to the play menu and hit control lights. The control lights feature does not stay checked, I have to check this every time I want to play any sequence or I get no lights. If the sequence loops, then it stays checked, but when sequence stops, and I restart it, I have to recheck the control lights function.
  12. Make sure the channels are plugged into the correct dongle. Also uncheck "control lights" in the sequence editor to not have lights come on when running sequence.
  13. You can do this with LOR. Just make new musical sequences for each song with no lighting effects. Make as many as you want, and group into a new show, ie music. Stop music show at same time as regular show starts. There will probably be some delay before your regular show starts, so it may not start exactly on time. (The music show must finish first).
  14. If you can come up with some fox urine, this should do the trick. Of course, catching the fox could be a problem!! Try a Tractor Supply store, or feed store for the urine. You can dilute it a little bit to make it last longer, but I would not dilute too much. You want the tree rats to smell it.
  15. Spud67, You can order the CD here: http://www.gofishguys.com/cms/ I'm sure they'll ship to Canada, but you might want to email them first.
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