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  1. Jim did the math 👍 Rule of thumb: 5% drop is acceptable
  2. Pay attention to Ohms Law 🙂 SPT is NOT the way to supply a AC controller. SPT is fine for any LED String at just about any distance. I*R drop is your enemy and get bad enough: Fire (typically you will exceed the TRIAC rating and blow it before getting that hot) OTOH If you are using older Incans, load can get high enough the really long runs cause dimness.
  3. FWIW I have a Demo version of 5.5.14 on another PC It has NO PROBLEM discovering a Picie8 (ID20) v1.06 I turned port 1 on to RED 👍 Then I had it chase Port1 in Blue 👍 HU does not do Enhanced or limit ID under test
  4. Com3 may be a real serial port. In HU, pull down the list of Ports and see if there are others shown (the list only shows Functioning COM devices). Try the other
  5. Be sure you update your Device file (instructions are on the Documentation page) https://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/LOR_DeviceFile.txt
  6. If you have a CMB24 (dumb RGB) They DO NOT pull off , so I understand why you may be confused. TIP Get your micro-point Sharpi out and Mark each ones Port as you remove it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BjuuMb1R5x0u-NmzX4J3vtB6zNKjtqf5/view?usp=sharing
  7. Orville Pixie Ports UNPLUG. Jr probably has spare plugs/dongles. I do. LOR sells a set of the plugs by themselves . The Power should use a more normal Small screwdriver (you need that size to be able to tighten power terminals snug. Loose power generates heat and discolors (bad)
  8. LOR 10W floods are DUMB (Simple RGB +12V wires ) Are you trying to convert them to Smart? You are going to have to redo the wiring AND add an Daisy Chain Out cable.
  9. I see what you mean about wording. There are a bunch of iffy (meaning open for alternate interpretation) ones on that page. Pixies do not require Ethernet. THEY CAN"T USE Ethernet. I can see how there might be confusion to a novice. Required ELOR to fully utilize, is not the same a Mandatory, which is what I interpreted your statement as.🙁 (I had not bothered to fully read the Gen2 (includes Pixie2) manual, as I already had a Xeroxed Gen 1 manual that came with my Pixie4's years ago. I had just looked at the jumper/configuration pages for my Gen2 Pixie4's and noted the changes: Termination, No accessory power on the RJ45.)
  10. JR I am not sure where you got the idea that Pixies REQUIRE enhanced. That IS TRUE for the Pixcon per https://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ OTOH A Pixie 16 fully loaded could benefit the network by using enhanced
  11. Right now, I will take water any way it comes. The 60' well at the Family retreat ran dry in July (the water was at 25' in April). Half the neighbors are in the same boat. BTW I was raised in Norther NJ, so as soon as I was old enough to hold a shovel... 🙄
  12. Could you list your hardware LOR assignments. eg. 01 CTB04, 02 CTB16, 03 CMB24, A sequence contains both the ID to use and The Channel to control (I'm at S4, so I can't tell you how to check YOUR sequence for this)
  13. I run Regular on COM10, NetA is COM11, NetB is COM12. You do need to use the NET Utility. OH! and the Net Utility CAN NOT specify any additional adapters that do not exist when the show runs. I had set COM12 to NetC , but it was my spare/test net (HU does not need the NET to COM defined) The reason your friend had low number issues, was that PC probably had OTHER devices use those COM ports at some time. I had been using various USB to Serial (and a USB to Centronics) adapters with my Laptop and each reserved a COM# (or 2). Which is which I force all my PC's to use the same COM if I plug in that adapter. BTW My laptop (the show computer) has a Dialup Modem on COM3 (the old Serial port1)
  14. What is running? The show or the PC? LOR Schedules need the PC running . AFAIK LOR does not use Windows Task Scheduler
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