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  1. Rs485 is 4000' Host to last controller in the daisy chain (YMMV if not terminated properly) Ethernet is 100M switch to device NOT DAISY CHAINED. WiFi not recommended (to controllers) as delays are unpredictable.
  2. The only (real) reason for new cables, is they don't reach. Ethernet is a Star layout. you might tuck the switch into one of the LOW VOLTAGE (not into an AC controller) cases. Do secure it so it does not bump into (short) the card. OTOH I really recommend color coding the different network types You realllllly don't want to plug a LOR (rs485) INTO AN ETHERNET SWITCH
  3. Squares are flat. That means you need to make a mount so they face your audience. I happen to use Holiday Coro 12V bullets I inserted into Plastic Plumbers tape I got at Amazon that I drilled to 12mm every 4th hole. (~12.5' per 50 or 25'per 100). The clips make them face front. Each Pixie port has the ability to reverse so Port 1 feeds the Left string, Port 2 the Right That's 50' with the controller right at the string ends. 💡 A bigger controller (ports) is not always the best. Those are great for when everything starts within 15-20' from the controller. But you really do not
  4. If you stay real close, use one of those RJ45 Y and a very short patchcord to the working jack. STRAIN RELIEF THAT CABLE is a must
  5. Yup! Know that one. I have another HC order coming in Wed. I really should get another Pixie4 for the new location (many of my Controller cases have a CCMB24 and a Pixie. I robbed the Pixie from a standalone and added it to my standalone CMB24. Now I have this case with PSU and no boards 😲)
  6. A "T" layout is not approved. As Jim noted, you could put the USB adapter in the middle. BUT the other part of RS485 says the ends are terminated in 120 ohms. LOR included the 120 ohms in the adapter which sort of rules out the Middle (no term) use (without modification). The other thing you mentioned: CCR, wants to be on a fast ENHANCED network. With V 5.x, your older device Firmware is also in question. $30 gets you a new RED (HS) adapter and you add a few more feet of CAT5 and don't worry about right side or left side
  7. And extra CAT5 (or materials to make your own) Cable. Usually, those cables are strung out and not in conduit or other protected areas. cuts or crushing is possible. Got Pixies? A spare PSU for each voltage/type.
  8. FWIW I 'park' the jumper on 1 pin only. That way it is lost with the controller (or other device)
  9. A Red Ruby eraser on the PLUG end contacts, does a wonderful clean Again, those pins in the jack are easy to bend (ruin). Do peek and make sure they are not just stuck down. 👍 90% alcohol sprayed in there may allow them to pop back. 💡 (not tried). Take an OLD RJ45 Plug. take a couple of swipes with coarse sandpaper ACROSS the contacts. (remove git and debris) You just made a mini file. run that in and out a few times and see if that scrapes the pins enough. FWIW, I think there is something else going on in that warehouse (maybe chemicals at the other end) that is makin
  10. Pixies want SPEED (500K+). A black tops out at ~115K (use that if you can. but you need to pay attention to other devices Limits on that Network). Some folk push the black 115K limit higher, but don't count on it. 😉
  11. LOR is NOT going to give you the code (and they probably blew the copy fuse). Then, you would need the interface JIG they use (if not pre programmed).
  12. LOR (LOR mode) only uses 2 pins: 4+5 (the blue pair). It uses the next pair to power the MP3 director (if used). To be honest. I would avoid de-oxit sprays as they really get places where they should not and need to be neutralized. You can use Electrical rated Contact grease (after they are clean) [Puzzled] Do you store these in a salt air location or a place with high industrial pollution? If not, you might have a FLUE pipe failure for your water heater/furnace. If the switches were dirty (inside), volume control (remember when they applied power AND adjusted volume?). Tuner-T
  13. Ouch! You can't just go anyplace for a PIC (configured).
  14. PIXIES (CCx) are ONLY RS485. Do not connect to your LAN. 4000' is the limit (should also be terminated: 120ohms at the end) You describe ID Overlap. Each port consumes an ID. so a CC device set to 01 inherits 02, 03, inherits 04... Since you have 6 CCx: Your IDs (should be set)01,03,05,07,09,0A 💡 Show PC in odd location. Use Remote desktop connection (requires Win Pro on HOST. Clients are free for all OS)
  15. House got an old VHF TV antenna on the roof? FM was between the old Analog ch 6 + 7. So point the Antenna in the general direction of your viewers (the less elements, the sloppier the directivety)
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