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  1. JR I started with 9 also. I placed 0, 90, 180, then filled in 3 on each side of 090. 2 years ago, I added 8(dumb) RGB in between those and last year it was just 17 RBG (2 CMB24 and a long cord to another cluster for the middle (#09), that way, the 2 controller (sides) are symmetrical
  2. No! Pixels run on 12 or 5V. They are also addressable and need a totally different controller to 'talk' to each light. OTOH they can exist WITH you AC controllers (but you will need the HS (red) adapter and can't run on a ELL)
  3. TightVNC is still free. But it does not have the highest level security, so best if you isolate the server/clients network and not open a pinhole in your routers firewall
  4. If your Show PC has Windows Pro, remote desktop Connection is standard AND the client is FREE for Android (it is in the store) What I like about the VNC solution is both screens can stay active (but it is less secure). Also perfect for getting remote help, where the remote can watch for what you are doing wrong and take over (or just set things back). "Let me drive for a bit"
  5. Never worry about having a few 'spare' channels 😛. The BIG worry is having an idea, and not enough 😭 Those CMB-24 RGB ports can be 'ungrouped' individually and just used with 12V lamps. Halloween: I have skeleton hands that I stuffed with a 12V section out of cheap 120V string ( 💡 most AC strings are Series bulbs. the voltage adds up, so a 10 bulb string + 12V per bub, a 35 bulb string+3.5V per bulb,so use 4 bulb segments. Christmas: Candy cane spinner (6 channels: 12 Canes wired opposite pairs) FWIW My original 8 Floods from my first grab is now spread across 3 @ CMB24's and I added 2 more floods and STILL need 3, if they ever get restocked (now used in odd shaped areas surrounded by concrete)
  6. Please correct your PROFILE. It is leading us down the wrong path for detailed instructions.
  7. Bob, someone out there has FUSED vampire plugs for sale, if you cant find any old strings. I have been known to file down the wide prong when I needed to put an extension between the strings.
  8. You (will) have 3 LOR ID's (LOR network mode) as all the controllers are DUMB. Only Advanced or Pro will do DMX mode I use S4, so I start with (in SE): adding a device (below) : The device is CMB24 (not RGB) : You choose to add its channel mode as 8RGB or 24 Channels
  9. Pixie4 w/FW 1.05 on the Cosmic Color Config, click ADVANCED: This allows the ports to set COLOR ORDER, individually 👍 (per port)
  10. I was doing yard stuff. I just found out that it is hard to get color info out of a sequence (the balloon goes away quickly): These may not be yours ( can't find the note). Red 100%, Green 38%, No Blue (those were for HC bullets in ping-pong balls. I have another note 100,52,4 found in my show layout notebook 😧 )
  11. JR 👍 I remember fighting for my Pumpkin Orange. Yours was the best 💡
  12. IIRC the trees use Macro channels and the Controller ID'S MUST (also?) MATCH the trees (design). You said you tested wit BOTH controllers set to 30. Each tree had a specific ID. This may affect the test
  13. Right! I can't do (lack of artistic skill) fancy, so I do BRIGHT 👍 😈
  14. Each controller needs to be assigned to the Network it is attached to. In 4.x there is the Network Utility, where you set the speed to use for each network name (You will have Regular and Aux A) It does not matter which name is what, as long as you attach the proper controllers (your PC will normally use the same COM ports upon next connection) 💡 When you get more than 1 adapter of the same type, write the Net Nam one it. 💡💡 do not ANSWER 'Yes" to the question USE FOR SHOW once set. This makes the selected COM to Regular and can mess up your existing sequences. Someone who use 5.x will have to tell you how to change the Network name (that is all that needs to be done. The ID need not change) for EACH sequence. NB In 4.x SE there is Tools:channel configuration. You set the network for each ID (and it needs you to do it 16 times , once for each pixie16 port even though you CAN't run a pixie split)
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