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  1. The one thing you NEED to add/replace (keep as a test spare) is a Red USB adapter. Smart RGB needs more speed than the Black can handle. You also need more CAT5 cables than you have. You might want to bump your license to PRO, as that supports ELOR mode. Look at https://www1.lightorama.com/typical-setups/#CCR You have the AC controller (must be a Gen 3 level with a Green LED) if you put it in the SAME chain (as shown) as Smart RGB controllers. (If your AC controller is older , it will have a RED LED and can't do the speed of the new ones. The rest is optional in bot selection or order Just keep what you have on a Separate USB port and Add a Red. Need more USB? Internal cards are best or only use a Powered USB Hub (be sure the power adapter is 2.5A @ 5V or better as there were some really sleezy, under powered ones sold.
  2. It is a daisy chain. The End of the line gets a terminator (JP4 in Gen 2 Pixies. Hint if you have a mix of G1 and G2, put the G2 last)) ShowComp-------C------C------C terminated Jim made use of the extra wires (not used by LOR) and put a shunt at the end (just like Alarm systems do) If the shunt is not detected RING BELLS, Shout THIEF 😛
  3. They can be in any order. RS485 is a Addressable Serial BUS (everybody listens). Be certain that only the LAST in the chain has the termination (JP4). 4000' is the limit for the cables (when terminated). There is a (electrical) limit on the number of controllers. You ain't even close 😛 Remember you need to reserve 'n' Id's per pixie, including the base: where 'n'= the # of pixie ports DO NOT lace the CAT5 to the power cords. random crossings are usually fine. (Same rule applies to Ethernet). I do have 'rj45 barrel' in my cable path as those will be swapped out for Xmas controllers FWIW the LOR is pretty robust. I made a set of 'Splitters' to use in my shop. Jack 1 is wired for 568 (Ethernet), then I used 1-2,7-8 and wired that to jack 2 4-5, 3-6. No problem with using either a 10/100 Ethernet or LOR @LOR Why did you not pass 1-2,7-8 thru each controller? 🙄 I made a 2 jack 'flipper' s I can have 2 LOR networks connected (1 to each flipper port) to the cable and at some point down the line, continue on with Jack 2 (second net) . Less cable home runed. OH can you describe 'scrambled'. Wrong colors? Or random Lights?
  4. Display Port is the connector type. My Dell PC has 2. I currently use Display port to HDMI cables BUT I did buy a Dongle adapter: Display Port to DVI socket so I could use my TV as a Big monitor Can you post a picture of the connectors on the Monitor (or post the Model #), Common ones are VGA (9 pin), DVI, HDMI, Display port
  5. I don't see an issue. IT WILL consume additional LOR ID's, but that is not an issue with a Pro level user
  6. Extra is no problem in S4. Group the extra (only) then delete the group (NOT Ungroup) (or not (Just leave the single 'group' collapsed). Again, Extra (unused) nodes on a port are not a problem, just don't use them.
  7. S4 DOES, but only when you add a controller in SE. It takes a bit of drill down as it is context (what device). But If you add a Pixie it asks what model, then you get to set # nodes (applies to all ports, so pick the highest). The CMB now has 24 (or 8 RGB) setting. The issue is there is no 'Add more (and how many starting at...)' for changes of plan
  8. I cut an LOR 10w FLOOD EXTENSION as I wanted more pigtails (different locations (w/CMB24's) for different seasons. The colors ARE NOT the same (Off by 1 color.) I tried to double up on a few ports. Bad plan 🙁. Getting both wires into a ferrel /or just soldered together. jammed the metal strip and I ended up breaking it off as it was damaged when changing wires (I use ferrels, so no huge down side). Why LOR did not use the same system that Pixies use?? Change over would be easy.
  9. Just pay attention to Total AC Load (hard to exceed with LED strings) for each channel (8 amps maximum for LOR built w/heatsinks) and overall Bank. Personally, I would try and stay below 4A
  10. Yes you can change color order PER PORT on Pixies. Use the Advanced button on the HU Pixie/Cosmic color configuration screen
  11. What firmware on the CMB24? 1.05 is current
  12. I have some gen2 Pixie4 and 8 (no pixie2... yet 🙃)
  13. I am Confused. JP2 is accessory power to devices like the Director. Leaving it out prevents cross powering other controllers. My Gen2 Pixies work without this jumper (Only Gen 2's have it)
  14. Every one of my controllers has the bulkhead ones from LOR, saved me from ME 🥺 (tripping on cables while adding other cables nearby)
  15. You can use any RJ45 crimper that allows the wires to clear. Had to do this a few times as I brought the wrong tool with me) Then you flush cut with a sharp utility knife. be sure to cut all wires at the same time (avoids whiskers if you cut from the edge). I've only done a couple of thousand in the last 20 years. Before that it was 'N' connectors and hand built AUI cables
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