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  1. Problem found... not really a problem, just a lack on knowledge on my part. When I was giving it a start time within the song, I though it would start the music and the program at that point. Instead, it inserts the taps into that section of the song only and leaves the entire song intact. So I shorted the song in Audacity, imported it into my sequence and it works now. I have never tried to sync part of a song before, so this was a learning experience for me. Thank you for your help Oh yeah, my husband pointed out that I had the wrong version of LOR in my profile - fixed that
  2. Orville - yes, I've never changed that. the only thing I did different was to start the song from .28 sec instead of the beginning. I just want a part of the song to do a montage sequence.
  3. Morning, I don't think I've posted a question before, but am in need of some help please. Been running LOR for a few years. This morning, I was using the tap wizard on a new sequence, but when I hit apply, it doesn't save the taps and times to the new sequence. I've tried it 5 times, closed the song, closed the entire program, hit apply, hit apply and exit and i can't get it to save. I created another sequence prior to this one and it worked just fine with no issues. Here's a screen shot - can anyone see what I might be missing? Thank you so much!!
  4. It was so nice to meet you last week! I promise Joel and I will give your lights and snowflakes a good home here in Raleigh
  5. First post - but my hubby is on here ready frequently... so since I'm home recovering from pneumonia, I figured I'd better jump on and start reading While putting up my display, I was already thinking of changes for 2017 - mainly with making our mega tree bigger next year. Also, reorganize some of the lights, positioning of items and more song. Our yard is mostly trees, so we just learned of a new way to wrap the trees - I have 32 trees wrapped out of about 100 so there's lots of room for improvement. On a side note - let's see your vehicle, 1983ss454. I'm quite intrigued by what i
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