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  1. The CCR tree is LOR pixcon16. I’m selling it all as I’m paying off a divorce and never got a chance to build the tree structure. I have all the receipts should someone need model numbers.
  2. Well that’s not what I’m asking for. I just copied it from my craigslist page. I bought everything from LightORama directly and that was what I paid for it. I was hoping to get $1,100 for everything
  3. Anyone have advice on how I could go about selling the following: New in Box / Never Used: 16 Ribbon Tree - Pixcon16 16 RibbonTree Pixcon Controller & Ribbons (Paid $1,319)Two (2) Residential Series 16 ST-SP-Residential-16 Controllers (1) used once (1) New. (Paid $356. for each)USB-RS485-HS (Paid $31.00)Whole House FM Transmitter (Paid $124.00)(16) 50' Extension cords (Paid $150) I have it listed on craigslist, but since this is a specialty item I didn't know if there was an appropriate site to list it on?
  4. I wanted to say Thanks to everyone who responded to help, I really appreciate it. I want to give a big thanks to Don who helped me for over an hour on the phone and remotely to get this up and running.... There was some technical issues that Don (who has way more knowledge than I) was able to resolve and get me in business.. Again thank you everyone who sent replies, and now I can spend the next 11 months learning how to program it, haha. This is a great product, but I was way over my head, but will be fun as it is going to push me to learn! Thanks again evevyone! LOR sorry if I was
  5. First off thank you to all who responded to my tree build question. I am having an impossible time getting this kit to work. I have spent more time going back and forth with LOR help desk (emails), and still no luck getting it to work. I have done all steps, the ribbons work in test mode, but will not when running a sequence. Does anyone know who, or would be willing to chat over a phone about a set up. I am to the point of wanting to hire someone to come out and help me set it up. I live in Northern CA near Walnut Creek, anyone know a tech or company this way? I have spent $1300
  6. Khart

    New to CCR Tree

    I just bought CCR II Ribbon tree, what is the best way to build the tree. I see a lot of people using 1/2" schedule 40 pipe or electrical conduit. I thought about using the pixel strips that LOR sells, but worried they will eventually break the ribbons with wind. At this point I am swaying towards the 1/2" electrical conduit, but want to know does everyone leave the ribbons on the pipes on off season or do you remove and re wrap on spools.
  7. I am new at all this. Recently I got two 16 channel controllers and have been able to run shows. I just bought a CCR ribbon tree with pixcon16 controller. I am confused and have not seen exact mapping of system. Does this daisey chain into the controllers? I also see something about running it off a internet network? I thought I just had to run a cat5 to the last controller. Also what do you recommend as the software to run? Thanks for the help.
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