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  1. If this can be done i would also like to know. If it can’t this would be a huge feature to add! Ken J.
  2. It is taking S5 from 3 to 9 minutes to shutdown a show. As I do shows starting every hour (on the hour) this causes a problem in the previous show shutting down and the next one starting up on the hour. I did it this way in S4 for two years with no issue...I consider this a bug in S5. My work around is one mega show with fillers timed perfectly for the hour start...very frustrating. Ken J.
  3. S5 compressed 'tick item' is in the toolbar, and it was 'ticked' for compressed so that wasn't my issue. I rebooted, reloaded the scheduler and am running a test now...seems to be working. My gut hunch is when I do a bunch of stuff in the S5 sequencer, show editor, scheduler, etc. I have to reboot before doing the show for the night. That there is some type of memory leak or conflict occurring. thx, Ken J.
  4. In S5 there is no 'tick item' for compressed and using enhanced networks (which I am) Mike says it doesn't make a difference (ie assume it happens by default). I will continue to trouble shoot the hanging on shutdown of a show. I have recreated the shows from scratch, rebooted, and am now awaiting the hour mark for the end of the last show. Ken J.
  5. Yeah, saw that post...as far as a I know I'm saving in compressed. Honestly I can't find the setting. All I know is my sequences are all in S5 ".loredit" format and I create Playback files. Load those into the show and kerplewie...err I mean "hang" at show shutdown request. Ken J.
  6. Other than 'Error 7' (noted in other posts as S5 just not updated to reflect the current files) there are no errors. thx, Ken J.
  7. Starting last night (in Christmas light crunch time) the scheduler is hanging in show shutdowns. Log files shows: "7:00:00 PM: Current show is entering shutdown mode" Then it just hangs...I have to disable shows immediately and then Enable schedule to get it going again. Happens at every show transition. None of my shows have a shutdown sequence (never have). Any clues? Ken J. LOR 5.2.2; Pro license
  8. Jim articulated the issue better than I did on my initial post...thanks Jim! And awaiting the new release since I have the shows integrated with my home automation system (it turns off/on other non-LOR controlled lights at beginning and end of shows, along with notifying me that everything is running fine (ie no 'running this sequence' trigger of my home automation system results in my system notifying me of an issue before the viewers do)). And I would like to put a plug in for a CMD line input (or software toggle) into the LOR shows/sequences. To replace or in lieu of the Interactive
  9. Just me or does the S5 Sequencer update all sequences to the same Windows command? In S4 I could have a different Windows command for each sequence, in S5 if I insert a windows command in sequence 2 it over writes sequence 1 window command...even if I don't have it open. If someone could validate, my sanity would appreciate it. Ken J.
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