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  1. I use the LOR whole house transmitter it works fantastic! I can reach about 1 mile from my house Had it for 5 years ands still is like new I even bought another one as a back up this year
  2. I don't update when my show is running but now that it is over I like to keep everything updated. When I start sequencer it use to show me that there is a update available. Now it doesn't. Did I turn it off somewhere? THANKS
  3. Anybody looking to sell their Pixie 16 board? Thanks Steve idahocampers@q.com
  4. Anybody have a used Newer Pixie 16 board they want to sell? Thanks HAPPY LIGHTING!!
  5. Hey James! Thanks for sharing all you share If I could get a copy that would be great idahocampers@q.com THANKS!!
  6. Anybody know when the spring sale is? I have money to burn!!
  7. Is there a way to have the song title or show title show up on the radio in LOR Like the radio stations list the song title and artist? Thanks
  8. Anybody have a set of good light linkers they want to sell?
  9. Could I Get a copy of baby shark please idahocampers@q.com THANKS
  10. Has anybody done Ice Ice Baby with 64+ channels they would like to share? Thanks idahocampers@q.com
  11. I have had to contact LOR on many occasions. They get right back to me as soon as the next business day. I have sent controllers back to them to get fixed and they are always fair with pricing and turnaround time!! That is why I will continue to buy LOR stuff! If you are one of those that wait until the last minute to check everything out and then panic that's your fault. Steve
  12. Help! I am looking for some pixel strips 12v waterproof with 100 pixels 5m length Anybody have an idea where? THANKS Steve
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