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  1. I had a heat pump that would stop working when the temp would go in the 20's When the service tech got to the house it was out of the 20's and unit was working. Next time it got in the 20's and unit stopped I went out with a hair dryer and warmed up the circuit board. Unit started working. They put a new board in and after that the unit still worked when temp got into the 20's . Moral of story, I could still be problem #2
  2. I was having a problem with a new pixel4 that I had added this year. I went and upgraded the firmware to the latest one and also upgraded the software to the latest 5.3.12 I edited my show to use the latest .loredit files. I started the show and went outside to see if it fixed my problems. All the problems I was having went away. I did not see any lag between songs. I am using a computer with a SSD drive. Could this be why I am not having a problem?
  3. The power supply is 200 watts, thus the reason for wanting to go back with a fuse ahead of the board. I had the box open since I had just connected the cat5 wires and was going thru doing my first test of the display. After I had connected the cat5's I did not close the box when I went outside. Something could have fallen off of the table or window frame and contacted on the board or the board could have gone south on it's own. I took it out and put on patio table under bright lights to see what happen but it was burned up pretty good. If something had contacted the board it burned up
  4. Board was in a box that HC sells. Not sure if it is UL approved for fire. Picture is after I removed from the box. Since I was in the process of connecting everything up I did have the box open up. I am going to mount the new one in a metal electrical junction box. Ducks, thanks for the info on the voltage and fuses.
  5. I have some Led strips in the house and had a Pix 8 inside running the 2 strips. I start the show and lights are working great in the window. I then go outside and start checking everything in the front yard to make sure everything is working and plugged in. While I am in the front yard I hear our fire alarm go off and my phone starts saying "Fire". I open the front door and house is full of smoke. I look around and the room that the controller was in had the most smoke. Good part was I did not see any flames. I unplug unit and take it outside. Then start trying to get all of the smoke
  6. musical sequence. I when back into the last one and the lights were on to the very last. I am guessing this is a bug with the new V5 software since I did not have this problem with V4. I did do like stated above and went and shut off all lights before the end & have not had problem since. Before making the change some mornings the lights were on and some they were off, so it was working correct part of the time.
  7. I have a simple show I have going on for valentines day. This is the first I have used the new 5 software. I have a simple show. I have check everywhere I can find that says turn lights off after each sequence. At the end of the show some nights the lights stay on and some they are turn off. When I unplug power to the controllers and reapply the lights will stay off. Are there different places I need to check to turn off the lights beside the show editor? I have the latest software 5.2.2 Pro and updated the pix8 & 4 with the latest firmware.
  8. What was the solution? I would first checked your power supply to make sure it was putting out the correct voltage with lights plugged in and without.
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