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  1. Would a copy too pls. Bangkero261@yahoo.com thank you and god bless always
  2. Would love to have copy pls. Thank you and god bless always bangkero261@yahoo.com
  3. Could I have a copy pls thank you and god bless always bangkero261@gmail.com
  4. I would love a copy pls. Thank you and god bless always bangkero261@gmail.com
  5. Yeah you ate right I do have 19 ports by 50 nodes by 3 channel each so a total of 2850 plus 16 channel on ac controller and yes I went through my network preference and change 57.6k to 500k and it seems to work well just need to test it during the night and see if that change really make a lot of deference thank you and god bless always
  6. 16 channel for ac controller 19channel on the pixie 16 for pixel tree and pixel star by 50 nodes per string so i think that’s a total of 950 channel on the pixie using rs485hs all in same network i check the network preference and it was showing 57.6k (recommended)
  7. I only have 3 controller 2 controller in pixie 16 and 1 16 ac controller
  8. The file size is 275MB I try to read n it to verifier message 28 audio seems to be very good but I can tan it to audiocity just to make sure
  9. hi every one i started playing with light o rama last year with 16 ac controller and ump3 mini director kit and this year i add couple of pixei 16 and they work great thank to the guys for guidance from jr and james morris, but this year i decided to use my loptop to run my shoe coz im having problem with my mini director after everything is all up and running i notice that everytime the polar express start playing i notice a lagging on the show so i decide to change my computer and got me a desktop with a good processor and a dedicated video card and try it today and still everytime polar express play still have a little bit of lagging, pls. need help to figure this out thanks every one, god bless and happy holiday to all .....
  10. hi mr james im wondering if this file is created in lms or sup and how can i open sup files to se? thank you and god bless always
  11. 16 channel ac and 16 pixel still new and I would love to have some copy of sequence you all willing to share thank you everyone and god bless us all bangkero261@yahoo.com
  12. Mr James could I have a copy of this sequence pls. Thank you and god bless always bangkero261@yahoo.com
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