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  1. does anyone have a sequence for This is Halloween or any other Nightmare before xmas songs, I am doing a theme gregjepsen@verizon.net
  2. if anyone could send me a copy, I would really appreciate it. Getting ready for this year. Any Nightmare before Xmas is great. Doing a theme.
  3. has anyone attempted Christmas in Killarney? Irish Rovers
  4. has anyone attempted Christmas in Killarney? Irish Rovers
  5. I could really use the help. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  6. this is my first year and due to health issues I am way behind. I would love any 32 or even 16 xmas sequences. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  7. any chance I can get a copy? gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  8. ditto. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  9. if anyone has any to share I would greatly appreciate it. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  10. I would love a copy of this if you don't mind. We had health issues this year so I never got around to writing any. GJepsen@venturafoods.com
  11. Can I get a copy also? gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  12. any chance you could send me one also? gjepsen@venturafoods.com
  13. I know you are getting hit up a lot but I could sure use a copy if you do not mind. My year took a few turns this year and I have not had time to build any sequences for my system I bought this year. gjepsen@venturafoods.com
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