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  1. I am having an issue getting my cmb24d to respond to dmx.  I have a falcon F16v3 and i come off the 3rd serial port to a chain of 4 ctb16s, then to the cmb24d and finally to a ccb100.

    Everything is dmx addressed in xlights with the LOR controllers all on universe 1 and the falcon ports on 2-96.  all the other 5 controllers work fine on their respective addresses, just not the cmb24d.

    The cmb24d lights up when i hit channel 17 (which is the first channel of the 2nd controller) but it is set to dmx address 81.  i also tried the lor address of 8 that (on the ctb16) translates to dmx 81 but it does not respond.  The led is solid and it passes dmx data to the ccb at the end of the chain.


    Any ideas?


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