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  1. Thanks Phil, that did the job. Or i think it did. I can play a show on demand now which it wouldnt do before. I've enabled the schedule so we will see what happens at 6:00 tomorrow. Thanks again!
  2. I tried uninstalling and re installing S5 software last night but it didnt make a difference. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. So I switched to S5 this season and everything went great, until i tried to actually play my show. The lights all work when i enable "control lights" in the sequence editor, but for some reason my shows wont play. I went into the hub, created a show, and set the schedule. When I enable the schedule, the red light bulb turns blue for a few seconds, then back to red, then blue again...etc. In the status window, I get the following: (time) : Show player starting Schedule loaded Initializing LOR networks LOR networks initialized show player initialized starting show c:\user....etc checking S5 sequence: c:\(path to song 1) loading compressed sequence: c:\ (path to song 1 I'm pretty sure thats when the blue light turns red. and then it tries again repeatedly yet unsuccessfully. I've tried "simple PC show" multiple times. I tried making only a 1 sequence show (once with each song) and still no luck. I also tried using the old simple show builder but for some reason my S5 sequences dont appear in the "files available for the show" window. It shows some of my old sequences (not all) but they are all in thesame folder (default LOR sequence folder) Like I said, everything works great when i use sequence editor, so I'm pretty sure this is either A: a software glitch of some type, or B: me being a dummy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm currently running 4 of these controllers each with 2 strings of 50 CCBs. If the controllers can support a total of 100 bulbs per channel, is it as simple as wiring 2 strings together? I do have some extra strings so im thinking about trying this.
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to add extra bulbs to a CCB-II string? I've read that the controllers can support up to 100 bulbs per channel but to do this, do you have to inject power for the extra 50 bulbs? I have a couple of extra strings so if this is possible i would like to give it a go. I'm also wondering if its possible to cut these strings and add wire between the 2 sections of bulbs? I would like to build a few small props that would be spaced 3 or 4 feet apart, but would only need 25 bulbs per prop. I realize cutting the string would void the warranty. If anyone has any experience with modifying these, let me know. Thanks
  6. I think youre right Jim, the problem is somewhere else, I just cant figure out where. The problem is also getting worse. I came home from a christmas party late last night and noticed I now have 2 more channels that are staying on very dim - 1 more channel using the same brand lights and 1 channels with a wire frame christmas tree (LED) made by a different manufacturer. I was thinking it might have been a power supply issue, but after some testing i'm not so sure. The controller is plugged in to 2 different circuits; first one has 128volts at the board, the other was 111v, so I moved both to the 128v line but same issue. Also, the fact that this problem is happening on both sides of the board leads me to believe its not a power supply issue. I tested the outputs for each channel after the triacs were replaced and the only channel that had voltage was channel 4 with 0.1v so I used that channel for some incans and haven't had an issue there. All other channels had 0.00 volts but the problem reoccurred immediately when I plugged everything back in. Any other ideas where this problem might be? I'm leaning towards a bad controller but i don't know how else to test it.
  7. I also tried plugging in a short string of c7 incans and it didnt make a difference.
  8. Greg, I'm so confused. 4700 ohm? Really? Every article i read about snubbers says to use 33k - 47k 1 watt 5% resistors, including chuckd's post on the planet christmas forum. By no means am I saying youre wrong, I am really only familiar with basic 12v wiring. i'm very confused and frustrated with this problem. I'm almost ready to call it quits for this year if i cant figure this out
  9. It's one of those Gen 3 with gen 2 stamps. HU says its a gen 3.
  10. I had the bad triacs replaced on the board but still having issues with lights staying on. I built some snubbers with 47K 1watt resistors but the lights are still on. Retested the snubbers with a multimeter and confirm 47k ohms so the snubbers are good. I am stumped. To recap: Channel 3 has 7 strings of lights total, 1 string is staying on approx 10% Channel 7 has 7 strings, 1 string stays on at 40% Channels 8 and 9 each have 1 string that stay on approx 10% All strings are the same - NOMA quick clip LEDs from Canadian Tire. All strings have 25 bulbs per string. I tried unplugging each affected string and reversing the polarity but that didnt make a difference. One thing I did notice, when i plug 3, 8, or 9 back in, they flash at almost 100% for half a second then drop to the 10%. Any suggestions? Or should I open a ticket with LOR if I dont know that its a controller issue?
  11. The16 channel controllers are regular network. My CCBs are on their own enhanced 500k enhanced network. Control Panel was running. I found the issue - somewhere along the way, my network settings changed and my Aux A network for RGBs was set to comm (none). Changed it back to comm 4, restarted LOR software suite, re saved the intensity file in PE then opened in SE to see everything exactly as it should be! I knew it had to be in a setting somewhere. I think the last time I used hardware utility I accidentally clicked Yes when it asked "is this the comm that will be used for shows?" which could have disabled comm4 settings. Anyways, thanks for the reply Luke! I was starting to panic.
  12. This is my 2nd year with my CCB controllers. Everything went good last year but this year I created a new sequence in Sequence Editor, then did my RGB sequencing in Pixel Editor. When I finished, I saved my work and saved the intensity data (Popup window confirms data has been saved). If I open the same sequence in Sequence Editor again, it should show my pixel channels below my other 32 channels which were sequenced in Sequence Editor, but they are not there. When I look in windows explorer, the .lms file and the .lms.pe.lid file are both listed in the same folder (as well as a .lms.lsv and a .lpe). I tried building a show to see if it would work but only the 32 channels on the CTB16s are running. I can go into Hardware Utility and test the CCBs and they work fine so I am confident that this is a software issue, especially since I cant see the pixel channels in Sequence Editor. I have tried saving the file under different file names in different locations but nothing works. Can any one help?
  13. OK so I did all my sequencing for my 32 regular channels on a new song for this year, then I saved it and opened it in PE to do my RGB sequencing. I saved the file in PE, then saved the intensity file. As I was watching the preview in PE (i have all SE props in my PE preview as well) i noticed a couple things i needed to fix in SE. When I reopen the file in SE, I dont see my PE props below my other 32 props. Its late and i've tried this at least 3 times but can't figure it out. Wen I open all of my other songs from previous years, the PE props appear right at the bottom of the list. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
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