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  1. Check and see if you have an industrial Pipe Supply Company in your town I saw some at one in my town
  2. Well we went live tonight it's still going for another 30 minutes or so but thus far its had a very good reception! Lot of positive comments on my Facebook page and at one time I had like 9 cars lined up plus people on the sidewalk dancing. The funnest part was listening to the little kids to get excited about it. That made the whole thing worth it
  3. Well I solve some of the problems by switching out a controller. Also after cleaning all those rj-45 ports it seems to be running a little better. But I'm still getting some flashing in a couple different items but not like I was before. If you get it figured out please let me know and I'll keep working on my stuff on my end and see if I can get it figured out
  4. So after fighting with it a while today I pulled out my extra controller and started putting it in line in place of another controller. Walla found the wonky controller. Switched it out and it appears to have solved the issue. Sure hope so
  5. Did final testing tonight all appears to be working correctly. Also a budy came over with his drone got some way cool footage with that. All set for tomorrow's revel. I invited all my neibors, friends, family and Facebook people over to check it out. Hot spiced punch is all mixed and ready to be heated. Very excited!
  6. Holy crap!!!!!!!!!! Went to their show in Salt Lake City last night that was an absolutely incredible experience. For those going you're going to have a ball!
  7. Ya they did show in hardware utility . Out cleaning them now we'll see what happens
  8. I'm having the same problem with alot of help from the help desk people (who are great) we figured on mine I am detecting more devices than I have and so signals to other lets say controller 1 are also going to " gost unit" 6, 11, 16 etc. And those signals as they get weaker are firing other channels on other controllers with less and less power. Tomorrow morning I plan to use contact cleaners on all my rj45s and make sure no bent pins. Well see if it fixes it
  9. Mine is on a loop so it starts/ends woth a voiceover then sprach zarathusa. Also known as 2001 a space odisy
  10. I added a bunch more lights today and when I went to test them curses it happened again. I also got that weird comport error that I posted on that other post about a calm Port 41 error subscript too long or something like that. Grrr. One thing I did notice was that it was detecting more than my 5 controllers. I saw as high as 160 different controllers found. I thought that was kind of weird since there's only five plugged in I wonder if I'm getting some weird feedback loop.
  11. Serial event error (poll type 41) Subscript out of range Any clue what this means? It showed up when I opened Hardware utility
  12. Update: so yesterday night I was getting pretty frustrated with this whole silly thing so I opened a helpdesk ticket and I have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed with the Lor people for getting back to me on a Sunday. That blew me away and I want to say a big thank you to whoever awnserd that help desk ticket number. I was totally not expecting to hear anything until at the earliest Monday and maybe even Tuesday cuz I can only imagine how slammed they are right now. They had me go through every controller and reconnect to each Port from my computer and test to see if there was something there. they also have me look inside each RJ45 port and make sure there was nothing like dirt, corrosion or bent pins. There was one that had a slightly bent pin that I corrected. And I noticed there were a few that had a little bit of corrosion Im going to have to do some research on what to do for that. When I plugged everything back the end and Daisy chained it all back together it appears that all has stopped doing that. Must have been just a bad connection or maybe that one pin that was a little bent was touching another wire and causing a feedback. I also want to thank everybody here who contributed and help me with this. There aren't a lot of places in the world where people would be this willing to share their knowledge with-a complete stranger
  13. Mostly jealousy speaking ?
  14. Or you can even go the better route like I did I have a friend at work who is an avid drone flyer and does a lot of on the side video projects for different companies. He agreed to come fly over mine and do videos for me and the best part is he said he'd do it for free. No need to buy a silly expensive drone
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