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  1. what box are you using in the second video?
  2. I recently picked up 3000 pixles to make a new matrix and I wanted a double check on power needs. Each pixle on white at 100% needs 0.6w. So max power need would be 0.6x3000=1800w is that correct? Continuing on that would mean I would need (amp=w/v) 1800/120=15 amps? Second question I have is there aa specific brand of power supply I should pickup? Third question should I go 4 500w or 6 350w supplies? Fourth what box are you guys using to keep stuff dry?
  3. i hear that about the music. look into the group Orion's Reign
  4. Its a crappy phone vid but a fun song
  5. I'd love it too. I promise not to sell it Jonhegsted@gmail.com
  6. I do this every year with all my cords, cats and lights I ha e found I break fewer things when they are warm. Us I can usually get some help from the wife coiling up stuff if its laying all over the house
  7. Truer words have never been spoken, but this year i first delved into a pixle matrix on my dads house. So i may have spent my Christmas bonus from work today on pixles for me i need to delve into s5 but I have been reticent to.
  8. I'm looking at doing a pixle tree this next year. How many pixels are you all using in your tree?
  9. Well this is embarrassing. I didn't save the intensity data files. Thankyou so much orville for your help with the Network side of things
  10. Ok I'm doing something wrong. I've gone into network preferences and set regular to comm port 5. speed 57.6k. Then on aux a is comm 6 speed 500.0k enhanced. In pixel editor the prop definition is set to Network aux a. In sequence editor the ac controllers are set to regular network. When I enable the show only the ac lights in regular Network work. If I open pixel editor and press play the pixel matrix works. I have observed that whichever comm I set as "regular" works but the "aux A" does not drive lights. I have set both the AC and RGBs as the regular network and aux a I also tried playing from the sequence editor and same results Grrrrrrrrr ::hair pulling motion::
  11. Got it thanks so much for the help
  12. So this year is the first year that I have decided to try and run pixels with my show. I have a mixture of older (red light) and newer (green light) AC light controllers. I know that i cannot run the old controllers on an enhanced Network. The pixle controller i have is a pixie 8. For the pixle board i have a red converter its called comm 6. I have another open usb port and when I connect it up its comm 5. I was trying to do some testing with both setups plugged in and when one set ran the other would not. How do i set up 2 networks one with my pixle controllers and a second one with the ac controllers?
  13. ok should i have opened the sequence in PE prior to sequencing the matrix? then would the intensity file would show up in SE
  14. ok so after reading the help file i saved the intensity file now i have opened SE and i have the sequence opened that i want to insert the matrix onto. i opened the intensity file how do i add the intensity file to the existing sequence. (sorry im such a pain)
  15. Once ive saved the intensity data how do i import it to SE?
  16. Once ive saved the intensity data how do i import it to SE?
  17. I finally got a bit of time off coming up (stupid covid) and am sitting down to try and finish up my sequencing this week for this years show. I have added a pixel matrix to my show this year and after sequencing all the songs in pixel editor how do i add the files ive made from pixle editor to the sequence editor files that run the rest of my ac lights?
  18. I would lo e to see it Jonhegsted@gmail.com
  19. I would love to check it out jonhegsted@gmail.com
  20. I would love this too "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Jonhegsted@gmail.com
  21. Agust burns red frosty the snowman I am stuck and was wondering if someone would share there sequence with me so i can see what your doing. I have 144 channels but i dont really care how many you are running just looking for some ideas Thanks Jonhegsted@gmail.com
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