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  1. this is for my Halloween show and its just going to be on the pixel matrix. I went in and set the LOR regular network to none and my test animation sequence worked yahoo!!! however come Christmas time I'm going to wat to run traditional AC Christmas lights through the LOR network as well as the DMX so now I'm confused as to what i need to do to run both at a later date. or is it becasue there are no AC lights in the preview or sequence it confused it?
  2. ive run out of space to upload the pother screen shots so here is a link to the DMX network settings https://photos.app.goo.gl/K1fbWinuHrrdEBst6 pixicon network settings https://photos.app.goo.gl/KbhT77hWuBEM6T5H9 pixicon pixel port setup https://photos.app.goo.gl/h5bCYVPBtkjbnsvA8
  3. i have a cat 5 cable from my computer attached to the network port to an old router i had laying around. and then another cat 5 cord running and to the metal port on the controller. there is nothing connected to the internet port on the router
  4. so i grabbed this controller several years ago in a spring sale and finally have the time/money this year. SO i went out bought a cheep router that i will run my DMX stuff on. so I turn the wi-fi off on my computer hook up cat five to the computer to the router and then to the pixicon and glorious day i can configure it. I run the color test and bloom I can make it go RGBW yahoo. so i create a 30 second animation sequence to make sure i understand s5(switched this year) and how rto make pixels drive through DMX. so i create a preview of the pixel matrix. i then made a "show" and went to do a show on demand and i get an error. open serial port has failed any ideas?
  5. Ali express Pixcon 16 Good catch don
  6. so I have 1 extra string do i swap it out of the prop or just replace the 1 bulb in the strand?
  7. I only purchased 12v pixles. And they all ran for 24hrs when I first purchased them at 12v
  8. So trying to get things figured out and set up for this year. Got my Pixiecon 16 all wired up and ready to rock and thought I'd do some testing. Connect lights up to all 16 ports. Plug the thing in and low and behold a few strings aren't working. Power down replug everything in. Power back up an tada lights everywhere. (Cue happy dance). Suddenly I hear electronics frying and see smoke comming from a pixle. Unplug the pixiecon from the wall and run over there and this is what I find. (See pic). It's in the middle of the string of lights. And when I got these I ran all of them for 24hrs at 100%. Question is did I do something wrong or was it just a bad pixle?
  9. ok well i am an idiot and here is the solution for if anyone else imports an PE prop into there preview. In your channel grid view there is a drop down menu. hit that drop down and select pixel editor. (see pic) then it gives you the ability to edit the dumb thing
  10. so i am working on importing over all my s4 sequences into s5. I finally found my pixel matrix (yahoo). but when i go to edit my old effects made in Pixel edditor it is all cross hatched out with X's. I read the help files and it says to right click and click add motion effects. I think great and go and right click and low and behold it is not there, (GRRRRRRR) See picture for what actually shows up. I'm sure what I'm doing wrong is something dumb but any help would be appreciated.
  11. did you ever figure this out? Im fighting with it too
  12. what box are you using in the second video?
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