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  1. Thanks @Orville and @k6ccc. I have read the manual, and played with the HUB a bit. It seems like it's doable, tho I am not sure if it's exactly how I want it to be, or if 6 triggers will be enough. I have 8 on the input PUP. The HUB makes it look like you can do a total of 9, but with only 6 pins, I am not sure how that's accomplished. If anyone else wants to chime in, I am all ears. (eyeballs)
  2. I have an interactive show that plays a specific song based on a specific contact closure (trigger) on the input PUP. Each contact closure is a different song. Last year I ran this show with my PC as the controller. This year, the location of the computer needed to change, so running the wires required to run the show would be very difficult. I was hoping to run this same show using a N2-G4-MP3 Director, but after looking at the documentation it doesn't seem possible. Does anyone else do something like this?
  3. @plasmadrive can you tell me a little more about your g3-mp3 and PUP setup? I have been running an interactive show for years with the PUP, but I just bought a G4-MP3 (that can be setup like a G3) and I still want all the extra I/O from the PUP.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to run a show on demand via the command line? I am doing some experimentation with interactivity and I would like to have a PHP script trigger the show.
  5. That seems to be something I can work with! Thanks @PhilMassey
  6. @PhilMassey are you referring to what I have attached? That only seems to show the RGB part of pixels. I need to be able to see every pixel in a string. Like Pixel 14.1 -> 14.50
  7. I have a number of sequences that I created with s4, where instead of doing RGB 'effects' or superstar effects, I manipulated the pixels individually. This took forever, of course, but it was some good stuff. Now, I am trying to update these sequences for use in s5 and on top of that my network has changed as well. I now have a traditional network and a high speed network for RGB devices. I realize that updating these sequences from s4 to s5 is going to require a bit of time and patience, but there's one thing I can't figure out just to get started. How do you display 'all the pixels' on an RGB channel in s5? I can't copy and past the archived channels from the s4 sequences because there is nothing to paste them into... For example I have 1 RGB string, 50 pixels. In s4 I would have had a collapsed row that had all the pixels in it, when I expanded that I would get all the pixels for that string. I can't figure out how to replicate this behavior in s5, all I can get is an effects row.
  8. also need to add: 6. create (or just use the startup animation again) a 1min shutdown animation with just the 'pretty' white lights 7. put this into my 'shutdown' tab in show creator and made sure to CHECK the box that says 'turn off used lights ...' this turns off all the lights at the end of the show schedule
  9. I was able to resolve this, here's how: I created a 1min startup animation with just the 'pretty' white lights I want on when there is no show. I put this into my 'startup' tab in show creator and made sure to uncheck the box that says 'turn off used lights ...' this keeps all those lights on until someone presses the button when someone pushes the button all these lights go off and the sound/show start at the end of each of my sequences I bring all the 'pretty lights' back up to full in the interactive tab in the show creator I made sure to uncheck the box that says 'turn off used lights ...' this keeps all those lights on until someone presses the button again
  10. @stevehoyt almost all of this was setup long before S5 and had no trouble at all, but yes now that the preview and the sequence are basically the same, it became a problem. The channels EXISTED but were not used, like @k6ccc said, in this new world no channel is ever truly 'off' just set to minimum. We can mark this resolved now!
  11. @k6ccc The channels in the background and the channels in the songs are completely separate, even the networks are different now. However, the channels EXIST in both sequences, so there is an experiment that could be done to see if we took the RGB channels out of the background sequence would they still interfere with the song. In any case, it's been working pretty well for the last few years, it's just this software update that has me all thrown off. As far as your part two, I agree that the first year, the button was missed often and people were confused. but the last 2 years we have had a big sign that's hard to miss. People seem to be getting it, and we have lots stop by, enough anyway.
  12. @k6ccc That seems to have been the issue. Thanks for your help, But now I am not sure how to accomplish what I want. 1. show starts at 4pm, I want the 'pretty' white (plain) lights to come on and stay on so we look like a 'normal' house 2. when someone presses the magic doorbel the plain lights go off, a song plays from the playlist and the 'crazy' lights come on in sync 3. when the song is over the house goes back to the 'pretty' setting I am thinking about adding a beat to the end of each song that turns the pretty lights back on, and then unchecking the 'turn off used lights...' checkbox That should achieve the after song effect I am looking for. Do you think I would be able to achieve point 1 above by making the 'pretty' sequence run at startup and also unchecking the checkbox for that?
  13. upon some further testing, these sequences do NOT display this problem when played directly from the sequencer. I have had some oddities crop up with these new sequences and the compression, I wonder if that is to blame? And, yes, since my show is interactive, I would have a background animation going as well that's supposed to turn OFF when the music is triggered, that's a possible culprit as well. I still haven't figured out how to work that out succesfully. I will try removing it from my show and see what happens.
  14. @k6ccc thanks! Now I have new problem tho.. every channel on the new network seems to be 'twinkling' (blinking rapidly) even when the sequence calls for steady on. Any idea why this might be? It should be noted that these are sequences that were upgraded from S4 that are exhibiting the issue.
  15. I added the 500k enhanced network on a new dongle, network Aux A, and now we are good to go. @jgcorl what motion effects are you having trouble with? I haven't tried them all
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