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  1. I see you all are running version 5. For the singers it said you only need 4.4.6 I loaded 4.4.10. But still can't get them to load. I even went back to lor account and downloaded the old sequences again, because I had added to them. Still no luck. One week out and 4 dead singers for the show. I have been on with help desk all day, so far no luck. Will take any suggestion. Shelly
  2. I have never used the animation tab. I will try to figure out how to use it. I upgraded my software to 4.48 before I loaded the motionpaks. I really don’t want to upgrade to 5 this close to show time!
  3. I am running 4.48 pro addition. I have all 4 singers & purchased the motionpak songs for the sequences I have already running. When I run the scan/apply motionpak it runs though sequences and finds no motionpaks. I even move the motionpak & sequences to a folder together within lor Sequences and still doesn't find them. I see them. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to open each sequence and put the 4 unit id in them first? And on a side note.... can I daisy chain the four singers together then to the other lor pixcon16 controllers?
  4. If anyone find any part of Lee Greenwood God bless the USA I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share ". Thanks so much! swolff@consolidated.net
  5. Thinking I need to add this to the show after the crazy 2020! running lor 128 reg. With singing faces, 16ccr tree, 12ccr screen, adding rgb spinners any Part of Sequence would be a great help Thanks Shelly swolff@consolidated.net
  6. I am also looking for god bless the USA by lee greenwood. 16 ccr, Plus any other sequencing willing to share what I have (if I can remember how) frosty, grandma got ran over, grinch, white Xmas swolff@consolidated.net
  7. My E131 pixel controller will not show up in network preferences or Advatek assistant. Red light is on and steady no green. I am plugged cat 5 direct to computer. computer ip is set to (I have a RGB screen on a E131 working fine) So I feel its in the controller. I am getting no yellow communication blinks from the cat5 ends. Yes I have tried several different cat 5 cables. Any ideas? it is to the mega tree in the middle of the show NOT GOOD
  8. JR I did convert Baby shark from a 24 to a 12 matrix. not too bad. I an working on Decorations but have not tested on the real screen. on ss it looks great. I am looking for I want a hippo for xmas to finish my new songs. Your help has been amazing. Would like the video of the conversion from tree to screen when you have time. Wolffy
  9. Can I run my RGB 16 strand Mega tree off a wireless module? I have a ccr screen too and would like to separate them across the drive. We currently run a LOR mega tree, & Shooting stars off the linker. Model RF-V5 LOR Easy Light Linker Thanks Shelly
  10. Looking for. singing faces. or matrix or 16 ribbon tree or LOR yard! Trying to put together any part of the sequence, falling behind on changing up my show. Baby shark is kicking my lack of experience BUTT! So now I am really behind Thanks in advance Shelly swolff@consolidated.net
  11. Jr Would love the singing face to baby shark ! swolff@consolidated.net p.s. I converted a 24 matrix to my 12 ccr screen and it looks pretty good!
  12. Thanks, I am having an issue with an E131 and in the instructions it confused me with the no wireless connection. I figured out. it means you have to use a cat 5 connection to the prop. not the network connection. which I know this is my 4th year. But maybe you can help. The power ( green light will not come on) the red is solid. So LOR sent me instruction but so far its not helping. Wolffy
  13. when the instruction say no wireless connections, They are just talking about the PROP to the Laptop Correct? Not the internet connection TO my laptop. Thanks
  14. Thanks James! Now to try to program the arches, LOR mega tree, & balasio poles lol YOU and JR are the best
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