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  1. Are you referring to the monkey rack? I've been curious about it and whether or not I could get my truck where I needed it... http://monkeyrack.com
  2. Board only or ready to run with power, enclosure and pigtails?
  3. disregard. 1) wrong thread 2) found your website. Thx.
  4. The good thing is that how you allocate you universes is changeable in the future. For example this year I ran two alphapix controllers. Being that it was my first year, I didn't allocate enough universes to each controller. I only allocated what I needed for each prop. While it isn't optimal to go back and reassign universes, it isn't a problem to do so. So this year I'll be making sure I allocate differently because I'm moving to all pixels and want to better utilize those controllers as well as the new controllers I'm adding. So don't sweat getting it "wrong". If it works, use it as a learning experience and leave it until you need to change it. On the other hand, if you wanted to allocate you universes in a different way, start each controller on a set series such as controller 1 starts on 100, controller 2 on 200, etc. then if you need to make an adjustment there are plenty of open universes available to that controller without worrying about if you will conflict with the next controller. For or example if you decide to run 300 pixels off port 5 in a daisy chain you might need an extra universe that you hadn't allocated to thatt controller. If you had already allocated the universes the same as your port numbers, now you have to figure out how not to conflict with another controller... But if you had extra universes in the 100 range left you could add a universe knowing you wouldn't conflict with controller 2 or 3 because their universes are outside the 100 range. That way if you upgrade to controllers that handle more universes per port you already have a naming convention that works. (Or downgrade to alphapix 4 which handles more universes per port as well.)
  5. I've heard that the other software will do something along those lines, not LOR. When making a custom prop you designate the light color string and whenever the effect uses that color that string lights up. That isn't available in LOR though.
  6. We are forecast to tie the longest stretch below 20 degrees here. I think it will be 12 days straight never reaching 20... My poles are frozen in the ground so I'll be waiting for tear down. Problem is the forecast only has 3 days above 20 within the next 15 day outlook and the highest of those is 33! I think I might be having a Valentines day show this year... I also found that my normal spacing above the yard has to be increased to stay out of the snow. Normally we get snow, it melts, snow again, melts, etc... This year we never had the melt cycle in between some of the snows so many of my lowest points are now buried in the snow. So next year everything goes up a few inches higher I guess.
  7. I created my 12 ribbon tree in preview. When it is in the grid, it shows the effect row and then it shows every pixel below it if I enable the channel control. However, it doesn't have them grouped as String 1, String 2, etc... So in the grid I grouped each of the 50 pixels as a string and labeled them 1-12. I exported the grid. On the next new sequence, when I try to import the grid it bring the prop back without the grouping so I'm right back to just having to group the strings again. Am I missing a step creating the prop or doesn't the preview have the ability to label each string individually? It asks how many strings in order to determine the prop and channels... How do I avoid having to re-group the strings for every new sequence? I think the workaround may be to create individual strings instead and then create groups to import/export but that seems counterproductive since there is already the ability to create a tree via the preview... Secondly, I can't figure out how to sort the pixels correctly. I want R50,C1, R49,C1 and on down to R1,C1. However, sorting options don't seem to support that. I can sort by channel but that puts R1 instead of R50 first. If I I try the reverse option it also reverses the channels, not just the rows. (Edit - Hmm... So if I can group them via strings I can then move them around after the reverse to get them in order, but it would great if it didn't take 3 steps) So how do I get the grid to come in the same way every time when I import it? For example my flood lights move up to the second and third rows every new sequence even though I normally keep them last in the grid. I don't remember this issue with S4..?
  8. I have two different shows run per day. Yesterday, for the first time, I noticed that all my E1.31 boxes were running show #1 graphics and all my LOR regular network boxes were running show #2... All season long I never had a glitch that I couldn't explain... A reboot of the computer didn't fix it at first either... In fact when I rebooted the E1.31 props all just froze with the current lighting. I had to power cycle the yard in order to get everything back. That along with the reboot took care of it. No idea why other than it has been hovering around 0 degrees here...
  9. So the lights are frozen in the ground and I really need to learn how to sequence... So I put together a mix for the bowl game. First time I've ever sat down, mixed with Audacity, and started a new musical sequence from a totally blank/new file. Lots of learning! (Ugh this looks horrible full screen but I don't know how to adjust it. It looks much better on a little phone screen!)
  10. Do you want a pixel tree or a ribbon tree? I put one of each in my yard this year. I built the ribbon tree with pixels pushed into strips from HC (although my starburst poles use the heavier strips from Boyosco which haven't stretched as much). It is 12'8" without the star and is 16x50 pixels in a 180 degree tree. I just used fence post and 4 guy wires with the base of the fence post inserted into a piece of wood that I drilled a hole about 1" deep so that it couldn't sink into the ground or move side to side. I built the ribbon tree using the videos on-line with the 3/4" EMT conduit. I have a flag pole in my yard so I added guy wires and a board across the top with screws angled downward. I flattened the EMT and drilled holes big enough to slide over the screw heads while standing at the bottom of the pole. Since the screws are angled down the poles can't come off the screws unless lifted. In order to keep the poles from moving at the bottom I drilled 12 3/4" holes about 3/4" deep into a long board. As I lifted the poles onto the screws I made sure they came down into the hole in the wood. (I staked the wood down into the yard as well) Now the bottom of the pole can't be moved unless lifted. So the poles stay in place even in windy/gusty conditions, most of the weight is on the wood, not the flagpole (which is important) and the guy wires keep the flagpole from moving. The star is just zip-tied to the flagpole above the top of the EMT. Much much easier to build the pixel tree than the ribbon tree, at least in my case... But I built both from scratch in less than 3 days and that included multiple trips to the hardware store and lots of youtube time in between!
  11. Thanks for doing thus George. I don't have teamviewer on my mobile device so I can't follow the link right now as it asks to install the app. I'm pretty sure it's on my desktop though. Since I ended up loading S5 beta is this class still applicable? I'm not sure if S5 still uses "master track" since now it uses the "grid"? But I'm not really educated on either so I' could be way off base.
  12. I was amazed at the brightness of the strips the first time I turned on our ribbon tree. I ended up having to limit the intensity through the controller to around 20%. Our pixel tree I ended up running at around 70%. otherwise those two props were too bright for the rest of the show and it drowned everything else out.
  13. I'd like to take a look as well, i need to make the leap sometime. Many thanks in advance. Romectxmas@gmail.com
  14. So this is my first year with pixels and I have never used SS, I bought my sequencing this year. I had planned on sequencing for next year. I upgraded to beta 5 and didn't realize that it is essentially PE as I had never used it before either. Even if someone did share a sequence with me would it come as a loredit or play file? Or would I need SS copy it?
  15. Each of my 50W floods had bad ethernet jack splices. On two of them it was both dongles, and on the other two it was just one of the dongles. One was a bad crimp on the connector. Another had two of the wires cut where they had cut the insulation and later put the waterproof tape over. So replacing the connector didn't fix it at first until I went back to their original stripping and found the nicked wires. Once I cut back the wire and put on a new connector all was well. Each failed at different points during the show season, so if you have a cable tester, I'd take off the back and test each cable while flexing them. No tester, replace both cables on each flood. You have to make your own cables though since you have to pass them through the housing... Haven't had a bit of trouble with them since I replaced all the cable ends. I had read about the cable ends and it saved me a ton of troubleshooting as I was able to go directly to testing the cables...
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