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  1. Absolutely! I'm curious as well if the pIxie16 will work when I get it back. It's been totally baffling! We really want it to work so we can move forward with a mega tree next year! My husbands already researching the best way to build one!
  2. Denny - sounds like the same issues I had - first and second controller got so hot - you could hear the fan running way to often. With the third one it doesn't run nearly as often. So on my third pixie16 it did great - figured out how to program it and everything! Ran perfectly in my house UNTIL we put the whole show up and chained them together with the normal controllers. For some reason it fries the controller. I've changed the com chip and fuses etc but will have to send it back again. Our solution - we got a 4 port network mini director and made our own pixie4 (since we only have 4
  3. I have the same issue too! Reset all graphics drivers but still crashes my machine...I have to start and hit F12 on boot sequence and run a quick diagnostics and exit out after a few minutes then it seems to work sometimes...JR i'll try your note! Hopefully it will resolve it!
  4. loved your trac so much!! here is our take on it...had to splice out turn down for what to get it on youtube…
  5. Thanks guys! I actually ended up getting the 4 port mini director and we built a pixie4 as I couldn't revive my pixie16. That seems to have done the trick as the pixie4 is working fine now that i'm not daisy chaining the controllers. I will say I had trouble figuring out how to write the show to the sd card as there are multiple options, I finally found that creating the program through the hardware utility worked best. So glad to finally have the show working!!!! Now I just need to return the pixie16 and see if they can fix it so we will have it available for a mega tree next year. THan
  6. Thanks to user Griswald who posted the musical mashup - he did an awesome job!! Had to cut out the part with one song as it was copyrighted... We haven't gone big yet - only 32 channels and this year we started with pixel arches.
  7. So I think I need to set up two networks - one to run standard lights and one to run the pixie 16 controller. So I think I've pieced together that one runs on the red adapter and one can run on the black. But how does the com controller recognize both? and is there anyway to run this from the mini director or do you have to run it from your computer every night since the mini director doesn't have two network plugs...
  8. So my husband has been trying for a couple of years to get us into pixels - I said "NO WAY' because I knew I'd be in charge of the programming and, well, let's just say, I've had a love/hate relationship along the way with LOR. I don't have any background in electrical anything, so terms like voltage, DMX, circuits, are all foreign to me. You might as well be speaking Greek...But for some reason I caved in and we got ONE pixel controller - the PIXIE16. Figured we could try it...start small...you know, if it doesn't work out, we can say we tried and it didn't work. Well thank goodness we sta
  9. awesome thanks - I was going to pull out your instructions again and step through them again. Maybe that will flesh out the problem. I know there are so many variables....wish it were easier for us non electrical engineers...
  10. hooked up to network - meaning I didn't originally have the pixie controller talking to my computer with the adapter (COMM7 and adapter - black one not red one - red one is on order but hasn't arrived yet!) and other end plugged into controller (so computer talking to controller) So to rule out a bad cable we tested the black adapter (I want to call it an RJ45 but not sure if that is right name) network cable to another controller and it worked fine). Testing it by trying to use the hardware utility and locating the controller box - doesn't work; tested by plugging all three control
  11. So still working on adding my pixel arches - got everything to work great last week and set it all up to test my sequences - not sure what happened but controller isn't showing the red led light. We tried to reboot it - but unhooking everything and just putting on power and holding down the reset button and it wouldn't work 10 of the 11 times we tried. On one try it worked, flashed quickly then went to slow then nothing. Thought we didn't see the light b/c I didn't have it hooked up to the network, so tried hooking up to network and nothing happened. Hardware utility couldn't find it (and
  12. I’ve been a newbie for a couple of years now and just started with pixels this year. Still struggling some but finally made a little progress. This is not a hobby for the faint hearted! The user forums and videos are the best place to get help! Good luck!
  13. So we finally got in our new controller and we got it to work today! The step by step instructions worked well to get it all set up! Now onto programming! Still trying to figure all of that out! Just starting with 4 arches! We have the rest of the house set up with regular lights and taking the pixels slow! Thanks for everyone's help! You guys provide such a wonderful service by helping all of us newbies!
  14. I'm having trouble setting up my new pixie16 controller. I've gone through the setup and think I have narrowed it down. I even reviewed the step by step set up in the user forum (which was very helpful so I think I've identitied the problem - I just don't know how to fix it). I'm on version 4.3.18Pro I updated firmware for pixel16D_V1-04 Am hooked up using the RS485 adapter directly to computer. My unit number is 3 - I did this on the dip switches so the hardware utility does communicate but I don't have any drop down boxes for the pixel type when I get to the config
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