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  1. ok so how do i program that? want my show from 530 pm to 10pm then steady lights on static display. Thanks
  2. Mega Arch any chance you can resend I dont see it in my mail. Dkelly0802@aol.com thanks,Dave
  3. Could I please have a copy? Thanks,Dave email is dkelly0802@aol.com
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm having so much fun i don't see a holiday in my future without lights. I'm addicted!
  5. Hi folks just wanna start by thanking everyone for their generosity with time and knowledge I really appreciate it. My new question is...if someone sends me a sequence how do I go about getting it into my show? I have looked all over and can't find any help. I must be missing a step. Thanks in advance, dave
  6. Hi, Im really new here my !st year with animated lights. I got a package from wow lights and am looking for some more sequences. I would really like Let it go and light of Christmas. my email is dkelly0802@aol.com Thanks, Dave
  7. Thanks so I got it working somewhat. It's tuned into 105.9 an open freq in my area. The problem is it broadcasts on 100.0 on my indoor radio. When I go outside to my car I can't tune into 100.0. Any ideas or do I just have to keep going through the channels by trial and error?
  8. Hi guys, I have a vast fm transmitter I hooked up to my computer but it's not working. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or need to enable something? Any help would be appreciated. I downloaded the vast software but there's no help in the context pull down.
  9. Hi I wasn't sure if I could name the company but I did buy from wowlights. I have watched some of those videos and can't wait to get going. Thanks for the reply I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as I move forward. Thanks again
  10. I found mine at Ace Hardware at 70 cents a piece. Get my spt-2 at Home Depot $44 for 250 feet. As far as I understand the plugs are the same and the spt-1 is 8 amp wire the spt-2 is 10 amp wire.
  11. Ok so I ordered a starter kit from an authorized lor dealer along with some sequences. My question is how do I get them into my show? My package should be coming in the next couple of days but I would like to get a jumpstart. It says the sequences are ready to download how do I import them into my program? Any videos out there? Thanks
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